The Advertising Standards Authority

Dr Vernon Coleman

It is always worthwhile remembering that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK is a private body which receives a good deal of funding from advertisers.

The ASA has absolutely no authority and I have in the past reported it to the Office of Fair Trading.

I treat anything emanating from the ASA with the same level of respect I have for communications from the BBC’s TV licence fee gestapo.

A few years ago the ASA claimed to have `banned’ three ads of mine. One ad was for my book `How to stop your doctor killing you’, one was for my book `Food for Thought’ and I can’t remember what the third was.

To prove that they could huff but they couldn’t puff I bought six full page adverts in The Guardian and The Observer and ran both ads in both papers. No one said a word. It was £60,000 well spent.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022

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