Advice for those who have been Jabbed

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

For over six months now I have been warning that those who accept the covid-19 jab will have damaged immune systems and will be susceptible to infection.

This remains my honest opinion, based on the evidence I have seen and upon my fears.

I will write more about the immune system problem as evidence becomes available (more evidence is becoming available daily).

But I recognise that millions of people have succumbed to the psychological warfare practised by governments, advisors and media doctors, and have allowed themselves to be jabbed with an experimental product.

Many of those who have been jabbed are, not unnaturally, now asking what they can do to protect themselves from infections.

I do not recommend any patented products but here is my advice:

1) Avoid crowded places

2) Avoid meeting with individuals who have any sort of infection

3) Avoid strenuous exercise (because of the potential for heart problems. Heart problems are now an increasingly common side effect of the covid jab)

4) Keep warm. In my view, leaving windows open (which is one of the covid rules that the Government recommends) is not a good idea in cold weather

5) Eat fresh fruit and vegetables for the vitamins

6) Take a vitamin C supplement

7) Take a vitamin D supplement – but only in the recommended doses

8) Have zinc tablets available to take if you do develop signs of an infection

9) Remember that masks won’t help and can actually make you more sick by increasing your risk of bacterial pneumonia (see my free PDF book on masks available on this website)

10) Social distancing is of little value since a cough or a sneeze can travel over 20 feet

11) Stay away from anyone who has recently had the nasal flu vaccine. The nasal flu vaccine is an attenuated live vaccine which means that it is live but weakened and may regain its strength

12) Stay away from the colds and flu section remedies in supermarkets or pharmacies: that’s usually where the sick people are

Note: Many months ago I predicted that the vaccinated would be vulnerable to infection and that many would die as a result. Preliminary figures already suggest that those who have been vaccinated are losing part of their natural immune system very rapidly. There are suggestions that the vaccinated are rapidly developing a form of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and, as a result, doctors and hospitals will soon be unable to cope with a flood of seriously ill patients. There are reports that 40-79 year olds who have been double vaccinated have lost 50% of their immune system and are losing another 5% every week. These figures are from the UK Government. I am checking them but it seems to me that it would be irresponsible not to provide this warning immediately.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2021

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