Are Government Advisors Afraid of the Truth?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Why does the Government suppress information if they know that they are right?

In the UK, if the politicians and their advisors are right and I am wrong, why wonít they debate with me?

If they are correct that we are living in plague times and that lockdowns and vaccines are essential then surely they would be able to destroy my arguments about covid-19.

But, despite repeated invitations, they wonít debate.

Indeed, they go further.

The Government (and the compliant media) distort the facts, suppress information and demonise and abuse those who are telling the truth.

Why do they need to use a widely discredited test?

Why do they insist on padding the mortality figures with the deaths of patients who died WITH a positive test within 28 or 60 days?

Why do they force people to wear masks when the evidence shows that masks do more harm than good?

Why do they insist on lockdowns when it is known that the lockdowns are killing more people than the coronavirus?

Why do they insist on promoting a vaccine which isnít needed, which is experimental and which is already responsible for deaths?

Why so much fuss about a virus which was downgraded to flu level in March 2020?

Iíd love to debate these issues.

If the Government and the Governmentís advisors have good answers then why are they frightened of debating with me?

The only conclusion I can draw is that governments and their multitude of advisors know that they would lose any debate.

Whatís your conclusion?

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2021