Ageism Ė A Bigger Problem than Racism or Sexism

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

On the rare occasions when I can bear to look at the newspapers, the news pages seem to be dominated by stories about well-paid actresses complaining either that they arenít being paid enough or that they have been `forcedí to do things they didnít want to do in order to become outrageously rich and famous.

Many complain that they are being treated as sex objects.

And they seem to see nothing odd in the fact that while making these complaints, they are wearing skimpy, little, black dresses which reveal more than they conceal.

It seems to me that if these actresses really wanted to find a social issue worth making a fuss about, they might like to consider old people.

The elderly are abused, ignored and oppressed more than any other group in our society.

Ageism is a bigger problem than sexism or racism.

But celebrities never give a damn.

Protesting on behalf of the elderly isnít considered `sexyí.

And it isnít likely to gather much publicity.

Sadly, that says it all, doesnít it?

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018

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