All 15 of The Young Country Doctor Bilbury Books are Available in Paperback and as eBooks

Dr Vernon Coleman

All fifteen books in Vernon Colemanís Young Country Doctor series about the village of Bilbury are available on Amazon in paperback and as kindle books.

The first book in the series is called `The Young Country Doctor Book 1: Bilbury Chroniclesí. The books describe the adventures (and misadventures) of a young doctor who enters general practice as an assistant to an elderly GP in Devon, England. The books are all set in the 1970s.

There are audio books available for the first three books in the series.

The books arenít always easy to find on Amazon but if you go to the Books section on this website and then visit the bookshop youíll find the titles of the 15 books listed. (Please note that Vernon Colemanís books are now all self-published and available only on Amazon. After March 2020, publishers and printers refused to publish or even print his books. And payments programmes wonít handle anything he does either.)

Sadly, Vernon stopped writing the series when he began devoting his time to campaigning about the covid fraud and the dangers of the toxic vaccine.

But all 15 books are available as paperbacks and as eBooks.

Vernon Coleman October 2023