'Should Black Women Be Allowed to Vote?’

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

A pop singer of whom I fear I have never heard has gained notable publicity by claiming that older citizens should not be allowed to vote in future Referendums relating to our membership of the European Union (aka the Nazi Party of Europe).

This is yet another example of the brand of ageism which seems to be accepted these days.

Can you imagine the furore if some idiot questioned whether women should be allowed to vote? Or whether black women should be banned from voting? Oh my, oh my! There would be rioting in the streets. Politicians would be struck dumb. Green millennials would explode. And quite right too, of course! It would be an outrageously sexist, racist thing to say.

So why is it acceptable to suggest that older citizens should be banned from voting?

The fact is that ageism is as invidious and as disgraceful as all other -isms.

Older citizens are wiser and more experienced than younger ones. And they’ve probably paid more in taxes than younger citizens.

Why the devil should they not be allowed to vote?

Racism and sexism are rightly illegal. Why isn’t ageism illegal too?

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 21st 2019