We’re All Prisoners – With No Signs of Parole

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

There are many things I don’t understand but during the last few months I have pretty well lost touch with what is possible in this upside down world.

I do not, for example, understand why so many apparently sane and fairly sensible people should be so overwhelmed by manufactured fear and manipulated misinformation that they have lost touch with reality. Why do so many people feel safe only if they are told exactly what to do for every minute of the day? When did so many people lose their courage and their good sense?

The World Health Organisation and YouTube say there is no medical reason for primary school children to wear masks. In the UK, even the Government supporting YouTube has advised that children under the age of 11 do not have to cover their mouths and noses.

If I had a child at a primary school where the authorities were planning to force this CIA torture technique on children, I would want to ask a lawyer to warn the teachers that I would hold them legally responsible for any physical or mental harm caused by their woeful ignorance.

And since children in China have already died as a result of wearing masks I would, indeed, be concerned about the sanity of sending a child to such a school.

I would want to call the police and have the teachers responsible for promoting such dangerous nonsense charged with child abuse and arrested. I would certainly demand that they be sacked.

All teachers, anywhere in the world, who support these absurd and entirely unnecessary nonsenses are guilty of child abuse. And it’s no good them saying they were obeying the Government or their union. It was no good for the Nazis at Nuremberg and it’s no good for teachers today. Nor is ignorance any excuse. Any teacher who thinks that children are seriously at risk from the coronavirus is too stupid to be teaching finger painting let alone anything else.

Why is this happening?

The only explanation I can think of is that the plan is to close all schools and force all professional teaching online. Teaching will be done online. Exams will be set, taken and marked online. Anyone who doesn’t bother to attend classes will simply stay ignorant and spend their working life subservient to a robot. The teachers who are involved in forcing these torture techniques onto children are remarkably stupid if they do not realise that they will soon all be redundant. The Agenda 21 plan is to get rid of teaching as a profession and teachers seem keen to collaborate in their own destruction. Young people who are planning a career in teaching should think again and look for some other way to earn a living.

Meanwhile, it would be good to see some politicians with guts.

In the UK, Johnson the Weak, who is actually so weak that he should be called Johnson the Fortnight, should tell teachers to turn up for work without any of the nonsense – or be fired. But Johnson the Weak has turned out to be an ineffectual plonker. He should have stuck to his stand up turn as a buffoon on TV shows. He’s no leader.

The same thing is happening in medicine, of course. As I explained in my video entitled, ‘How the coronavirus hoax has permanently destroyed health care’ there is no future for human doctors. Computers can provide all aspects of medical care very efficiently and reliably. Even surgery can now be performed by robots. Any young student planning a career in medicine would be much better advised to choose a career in something with a future – such as plumbing. I am deadly serious, by the way.

I doubt if my wife and I are on our own in no longer seeing hospitals as safe places in difficult times. We now see hospitals as dangerous. There is a risk that unnecessary and potentially hazardous testing will be done. There is the risk of being taken into an isolation ward and having a Do Not Resuscitate Notice applied to your medical notes.

I doubt if medical care will ever recover from the self-harm that has occurred in the last few months.

And what the devil is happening in Australia? Why so much hysteria?

Just look at the figures.

Between January and June 2020 in Australia, the number of covid deaths was officially around 400 – and we all know that will be a massive exaggeration.

But between January and June 2019, the number of deaths caused by flu was 430.

This year, 2020, the number of flu deaths is 36.

Add this year’s flu deaths and this year’s alleged covid-19 deaths and the total you get is virtually the same as last year’s flu death total.

And, of course, the majority of deaths occurred in the elderly – mostly individuals over 80 who had other diseases.

It took me about a minute and a half to dig out these figures. Why has no one else bothered? Everyone who believes that covid-19 is creating a crisis is a fool or a crook.

What is the Australian government doing to its people? And why are journalists and opposition politicians letting them get away with it? Have they all fallen for the biggest hoax in human history? If so, I’ve got a perpetual motion machine I can let them have very cheaply.

Professor Ioannidis, a professor of medicine at Stanford has pointed out that if you are under 65-years-old you are more likely to die in a road traffic accident than you are of the virus.

Everywhere I look there are mysteries.

I heard recently that a website called Mumsnet had banned and removed the entire account of someone who had posted my video about the hazards associated with DNA and RNA vaccines. If this is true then I wonder if anyone at the website had actually bothered to watch the video. Do they realise that the proposed covid-19 vaccine will genetically modify those who have it? Their bodies will never be the same again? Isn’t that important information? Are not parents entitled to know that their children will be genetically modified by the vaccine? Should we not discuss such a thing? There are very real dangers for generations. Why suppress the truth? Do the censors know how many perfectly healthy people have been killed or seriously injured by vaccines? And do they know how testing is being rushed?

Why have people become so bigoted, so willing to censor material not approved by the Government?

Have people really forgotten that governments lie routinely? Does no one remember the weapons of mass destruction?

Talking of censorship I have to tell you that YouTube is now taking down anything and everything which exposes the truth behind the hoax. They have taken down videos which deal with the Club of Rome but which didn’t even mention the WHO, masks or social distancing – their usual shibboleths.

One of the biggest lies being told at the moment is that the coronavirus has damaged the global economy.

That’s a massive lie.

The coronavirus has done nothing to the economy. It’s the hysteria and the over-reaction that has damaged the economy – and it has all been deliberate. Moreover, there is not going to be a quick recovery or, indeed, any sort of recovery. They don’t want a recovery and I’m afraid that anyone who doesn’t understand that doesn’t understand what is happening.

Talking of lies and politicians inevitably brings the name of Tony Blair to mind.

Tony Blair, Britain’s best known war criminal, is a keen pro-vaxxer and that really should be enough of a warning. The one certainty in politics is that you can always rely on Blair to be on the wrong side of any argument – as long as he is on the side of the money. Before the Iraq war I warned that Blair would sell out Britain for the hope of high paying jobs with American banks. That is exactly what happened. Now Blair is on the Bill Gates side of this evil equation. Gates by the way has had a very good pandemic. Despite the claims that he is spending his money on good causes, Gates’ wealth increased by 8.4 billion dollars between January and August 2020. Not bad for a philanthropist who is reported to be giving his money away to give us all a fate worse than death.

And talking of the Government, I see that a government scientist has warned us that coronavirus will be with us forever. Well, I am sure that is true. But so what? TB and malaria have been around for a good while and we don’t get hysterical about either of those.

According to the BBC website, Sir Mark Walport, the scientist in question says that people will need to be vaccinated at regular intervals. Just why he thinks this I’m afraid I cannot imagine. I am not aware of any evidence showing that people who have had covid-19 have caught it a second time – though people who are tested may seem to have it again.

What the BBC doesn’t say is that Walport had previously worked at Imperial College – and we’ve all heard of Imperial College. And he was a previous boss of the Wellcome Trust. Oddly enough, guess who now gives money to the Wellcome Trust? Would you believe the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?

The disruption, the chaos and the apparent mismanagements are not accidental. They are all part of the psychological operation – the wicked and deliberate breaking down of the spirit and the will. All state institutions now exist to harm and destroy. It is almost beyond belief but state employees in just about every nation on earth are now involved in waging war on their employers – the citizens of those nations. It is scary to realise just how many truly evil people there are in positions of authority. There will, in due course, be a reckoning to pay. These traitors will neither be forgotten nor forgiven.

Millions have been convinced by the lies. The latest poll figures show that at least 75% of British citizens are willing to play Russian roulette with their own lives, and the lives of their children, by accepting a vaccine which will genetically modify their bodies. Even the World Health Organisation has expressed serious doubts about this technique.

The people who promote vaccination as though it were a panacea, an essential part of medicine, have always worried me. They are, by definition, ignorant about all aspects of vaccination because if they knew the truth they would not be so enthusiastic.

Incidentally, the BBC probably forgot to announce this but the mortality rate among infants fell 30% during the lockdown. For example, the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome appears to have fallen noticeably during the lockdown.

Now what happened during the lockdown that could have had an influence?

Well, people didn’t go to the pub.

It was illegal to sit on a bench in the park.

And, since doctors’ surgeries were pretty well closed, infants and children didn’t have their regular vaccinations.

So, which of those three do you think might have had an influence on the drop in the incidence of Infant Death Syndrome?

Could the deaths have fallen because people didn’t go to the pub? Or because it was illegal to sit on a park bench? Or because kids weren’t having their vaccinations?

You might think this piece of news worth reporting in the national media. But you would be wrong. The mass market media have all been far too busy stoking up the fear, the panic and the hysteria. And promoting the idea of the Bill and Melinda Gates approved vaccination, of course.

And, anyway The Guardian is always too busy begging for money to publish any hard news. I don’t why they want money from the public. Why don’t they just ask Bill Gates for another few million? When you’ve sold your integrity, as The Guardian has, you might as well keep selling it.

And you might think some researchers might think the relationship between sudden infant death and vaccination worth investigating.

But you’d be wrong about that too.

Most researchers have been bought by the drug companies, and they’re never going to do any research which might damage drug company profits.

It isn’t difficult to see why some are calling this ‘the age of alienation’.

Those of us who attempt to share the truth are lied about, demonised, harassed and often arrested. The very idea that anyone might offer an alternative point of view terrifies the heavy booted brigade who have put themselves in charge.

Telling the truth has always been a crime in fascist and totalitarian regimes. It is our duty to laugh at them.

And since the rules change from one area to another, we never quite know what punishments to escape. In one part of America you can be sent to prison for a year if you fail to wear a mask. In another part of America, you have to pay a 2,000 dollar fine but there is no prison sentence. In Texas, some people have been told that they should wear masks in their own homes. In one shop, a guard pulled a gun on a man who was not wearing mask. In California, people have been telephoning the police if they’ve heard a neighbour coughing or sneezing. The snitches and sneaks, eager to please the system, are part of the mass surveillance system. Not that the surveillance is working terribly well. In the UK it has been a disaster. The latest NHS tracing app in the UK was right only half the time with a false positive rate of 45%. Naturally, the app is being developed with Apple and Google.

No one mentions that the Chinese wear masks routinely – to protect themselves from pollution – but the masks made no difference to the spread of the coronavirus causing covid-19 in China. How much evidence do the mask wearers want before they will see the truth?

Everyone who owns more than one suit seems to be determined to share their view about masks. And their views are all the same: we must wear masks if we are to survive. Economists, professors of anything, engineers, bankers, teachers, company directors and golf course management executives are all of one mind: we must all wear our masks except when we are in an office where the virus apparently has no capacity to do harm.

Astonishingly, and inexplicably, the media is giving yards of space and broadcasting hours to these people – but denying space or time to those who simply want to provide truth and common sense.

The only group being ignored on this subject are medical doctors – and outside government employment, their views are pretty well consistent: masks aren’t just useless, they actually do more harm than good and will lead to the exacerbation of illness in those who are already ill and the creation of illness in those who were previously well.

The truth is being suppressed and the lies exaggerated in a way I have never known before.

What will happen next?

Will masks become part of the Chrislam deal?

Perhaps, in a year, they will say that women are super spreaders and must wear masks all the time. Men will be allowed to go without masks.

Since the authorities make all this stuff up it won’t matter that there isn’t any evidence. If necessary they’ll get The Lancet to publish an appropriate piece of pseudoscientific gibberish.

If you are beginning to feel as though you are being treated like a prisoner of war then you’re beginning to understand the situation.

Behind it all, of course, lie the global warming freaks.

They still don’t seem able to decide on a name for their movement – a word which is eminently suitable given its use to describe an opening of the bowels.

Back in the 1990s, when the 100-year-old global warming myth was revived because of its political usefulness it was, as it had been since the days of Queen Victoria, called global warming.

Then things were slightly buggered up by the fact there were real signs that the planet was getting colder and not warmer, and so the tricksters changed the title of their fraud to global cooling.

And then there was a warm summer so, in despair, they changed the name of the threat to climate change in an attempt to avoid changing the name backwards and forwards every time the sun went behind a cloud. The latest trickery is to remove old meteorological records so that new records can be announced. For example, there are plans to remove a `hottest’ day record from long ago on the curious grounds that the meteorologist didn’t read the thermometer properly.

The climate change fraud isn’t science. It’s a deadly mixture of tomfoolery, trickery and lies, mixed together by hundreds of cretins, served up by hundreds of morons and prepared by hundreds of psychopaths with a self-serving agenda.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 3rd 2020

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