All Remainers are Neo-Nazis

Vernon Coleman

Why do Remainers deny the easily proven truths about the formation of the European Union?

And why do they feel the need to find excuses for the EU founders who have been identified as Nazis?

The people involved in the formation of the EU were not rank and file servicemen. They were senior Nazi figures. Some of them built their careers and their fortunes out of running concentration camps.

Remainers who support the EU are, by definition, neo-Nazis.

If they feel that supporting a neo-Nazi organisation is the right thing for them to do then they should surely do it with confidence and some pride in their choice.

Let them be honest and replace the silly EU flag with a Nazi insignia.

Let them start their meetings with a hearty Heil Hitler, and when they march for the EU let them goose step their way through our cities. Then they would, at least, be honest.

But it is unforgiveable to pretend that the history isnít there.

Leaving the EU is a remarkably simple process. The politicians have made it appear difficult because a majority of them didnít want us to leave. Leaving the EU without any formal deal, and without handing over huge sums of money, is the simple, straightforward and honest thing to do. And it is what most people want.

I suspect there would also be considerable support for the suggestion that Britain hand Northern Ireland over to Ireland and donate Gibraltar to the Spanish. Neither Northern Ireland nor Gibraltar proved loyal to Britain. Indeed, both have proved themselves to be distinctly disloyal.

And while we were at it we could have given Scotland the independence which the nationalists seem so keen to obtain.

All this would leave England and Wales rich, free and the envy of the world.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2019

If you want to know more about the EUís history then please read Jack Kingís book All Remainers are Neo-Nazis. Itís available as an ebook and a paperback on Amazon.