A Most Uncomfortable Truth

Dr Vernon Coleman

At least 85% of electricity is produced by the burning of fossil fuels. This is true everywhere in the world. In most countries the figure is much higher. There is no such thing as `green’ electricity because no electricity grid can differentiate between the electricity produced by burning fossil fuels and the electricity produced without burning fossil fuels. Everyone who uses electricity for heating, cooking or operating a vehicle is reliant on oil, gas and coal, and there are no exceptions to this rule. Moreover, there will be no exceptions to this rule for a very long time. Even the most optimistic `greens’ admit that the world will not be free of the need to use fossil fuels until 2207 at least (that’s nearly 200 years away) and that date depends on China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India and all the African countries being prepared to replace fossil fuel usage immediately and to cover their land with windmills and solar panels now. That isn’t going to happen so the plan to replace fossil fuels in just 200 years is absurdly optimistic.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2023

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