Animal Magic

Vernon Coleman

We live in the country and our garden is home to a plethora of wild animals. Look out of the window at almost any time of day and you can see rabbits, squirrels and dozens of different types of bird. The rabbits have just had young and they all dine together on the lawn. They particularly enjoy daisies and buttercups. We have a resident raven, a huge bird, bigger than a buzzard, who makes a sound like an imperial frog.

One of the joys is the fact that parent birds often bring their young along to our feeders.

Our resident male pheasant brings his wife and children to see us. And so do the female squirrels. The birds all bring their offspring. A pair of great tits spend hours feeding their young. So does a robin.

Of course, we donít just get visitors during the daytime.

At night we have a friendly owl who perches on the cross bar of our swing seat.

And the badgers come to snuffle around the lawn and the flower beds.

Naturally, we also have a fox that visits.

Last night the vixen came with two cubs and she showed them the best spots to find food (under the bird feeders is a favourite spot).

Watching the wild life is a marvellously civilised way to relax after watching the antics of our nationís so-called leaders.

There is a simple, straightforward honesty about animals which Antoinette and I find distinctly refreshing.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2019

If you want to know more about animals then please read The Wisdom of Animals by Donna Antoinette Coleman and Vernon Coleman. Itís available as an eBook and a paperback on Amazon and I think it will delight you and warm the cockles of your heart.