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"I would just like to say what a fine job you are doing and please do keep on fighting for the ban on vivisection and blood sports" (D.F. by e-mail)

" have opened my eyes. I have been a vegetarian since I was 10 (and ) I use as many animal free products and ones not tested on animals as I can afford or find. However I can see now that although it's a start I want to do more. Thank you for giving me the incentive to do so. I shall now make regular visits to this site to join campaigns like the Mickey one" (S.H. by e-mail)

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'I have been so depressed lately - every night on the news - animals slaughtered for no reason and feeling totally helpless. Everyone feeling sorry for the farmers crying because they can see their profits on the pyres. I have felt like a lone voice because I can't feel sorry for them. Now I have read your site and feel motivated again. I only hope that some good may come out of this crisis - perhaps live exports will stop and intensive farming practices will cease. Thanks again for a wonderful, inspirational website. Keep up the fight' - Sheila Daniel