Animals Need Our Help

Vernon Coleman

Farmers, scientists and others have shown appalling ingenuity and imagination in creating an apparently endless variety of ways to abuse the other creatures with whom we share this world.

The barbarism of the Roman circuses is as nothing compared to the barbarism of the modern vivisector's laboratory, the obscenity of the modern abattoir or the cruel indecency of today's animal factory.

Slavery has stopped. Women have been emancipated. Apartheid, in all its human forms, has been roundly condemned. But the abuse of animals has accelerated.

I want to be alive to see an end to cruelty to animals. I want to know that I have been part of the final thrust which has made the difference. I want to know that I have made the difference.

Of course, I can't do anything by myself - any more than you can. But I believe that we can stop animal cruelty if we work together.

If we learn everything we can from history, study our opponents weaknesses and strengths, put aside all personal vanities (and have the courage to ignore those alleged animal supporters who take every opportunity to snipe and gripe at anyone who dares to try something new) then we will have a better chance of success than ever before.

If we sincerely and seriously want to stop animal cruelty we can.

But if we don't want it enough - and aren't prepared to put in the necessary effort - animals will continue to suffer for generations to come. Stopping the growth in cruelty to animals which has stigmatised this and previous generations, will become harder and harder with each year that passes.

Animals cannot fight for themselves.

They need us to fight on their behalf.

Vernon Colemanís book Animal Experiments is now available as a paperback on Amazon. It contains a good deal of information to help campaigners win debates with vivisection supporters.

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