Cyclists Should Pay 100 Annual Road Tax

Dr Vernon Coleman

In addition to having their own expensive cycle lanes, cyclists are now legally entitled to ride in the middle of the road in the UK.

This will doubtless lead to many more accidents. Injured cyclists will be taking up valuable hospital beds and using medical care which is needed for other patients.

It is now clear that cyclists should have to pay a tax to use the roads great chunks of which are now taken up with cycle lanes.

Cyclists are a menace on the roads (and on pavements). They cause traffic to travel at slow, inefficient speeds with the result that more fuel is used.

Cyclists are therefore causing pollution and environmental damage.

Ive always been a keen cyclist but I recognise that the time has come for cyclists to pay their way and stop being parasites.

An annual tax of 100 per cycle seems a sensible starting point for the new tax.

Compulsory insurance is also essential.

It is absurd that cyclists should travel on the roads without proper insurance cover.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022

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