Another Hazard of House Arrest

Vernon Coleman

We have to go to the pharmacy, the bank and the supermarket tomorrow and neither of us are looking forward to it. Antoinette and I are both natural recluses and since we have been out of our home no more than three times in the last month our reclusiveness is growing. There is a real danger that we (and thousands of others) will find it nigh on impossible to leave the house at all if the lockdown goes on for much longer. This mass house arrest is going to cause massive mental problems as well as huge physical ones. Suicides, depression, domestic violence and murders will all rise Ė probably quite dramatically. I donít think that the people who thought up the idea of lockdown thought through the idea. The serious mental health problems created by the lockdown are going to be with us for many years to come.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 16th 2020