Another Lie Remainers Tell

Vernon Coleman

Another popular Remainer lie (perpetuated by politicians and broadcasters) is that those who voted to Leave the EU didn’t know what they were voting for. It is the excuse given for needing a Second Referendum.

Well, the evidence now clearly shows that Leavers knew exactly what they were voting for.

It was Remainers who didn’t have the foggiest idea why they were supporting the EU.

Now, Remainers are as a breed, a smug, superior, supercilious, sanctimonious, self-satisfied lot but try as I might I cannot think why on earth they want to stay in the European Union – especially now that they and their country have been so severely humiliated. Where is their pride and dignity?

I’ve been studying and writing about the European Union for over 30 years and I cannot think of any reason why any individual would want their country to be a member of this inherently corrupt organisation.

I can understand children feeling that their country must be in the EU. They have been indoctrinated. At school they were taught all sorts of nonsense about the wonders of the EU.

I understand MPs wanting us to stay in the EU. MPs are easily corruptible and the Remainer MPs are in favour of the EU because they have been `bought’; they have been paid to betray their country and the electors. They have been promised endless riches from the EU gravy train.

But I really cannot understand why intelligent, independent adults can possibly think that membership of the EU is a `good thing’.

The explanation, of course, is that the adults who believe in the EU, and who support the Remain argument, are responding to the propaganda which they have been hearing and seeing for years.

I asked three Remainers why they wanted to stay in the EU.

Here are their replies:

1. If we leave the EU it won’t be easy to move around Europe. This, of course, is absolute nonsense. It was perfectly easy to move around Europe before we joined the EU and it will be perfectly easy after we have left. Indeed, as someone who has been across the Channel many hundreds of times, for over half a century, I can confirm that our membership of the EU has made international travel more difficult. The EU has brought in a vast number of pointless regulations which have made it more, not less, difficult to move about.
2. If we leave the EU there will be a war. This is absolute nonsense. The EU has exacerbated the risk of war.
3. If we leave the EU, roaming charges on the continent of Europe will be higher. This seems unlikely since the phone companies have already promised to keep charges as they are. But the savings from this are minute compared to the savings we will all make on our food and taxes. It costs us billions to be members of the EU, and the Common Agricultural Policy (which exists to subsidise French farmers) means that the average family pays much more for its food than it would if we were out of the EU.

The truth is that there are no reasons to stay in the EU, and Remainers must be ignored.

A Minister has claimed that MPs wanting a `soft option’ Brexit must not be ignored.


MPs promised to obey the Referendum.

They duly voted to Leave the EU.

There was no talk of hard or soft options.

The question was `Stay’ or `Leave’.

We chose to Leave.

We didn’t choose to Leave a Little Bit.

If Brexit is not respected then we are heading for a civil war.

Remainers are complaining that they have not received enough attention recently. They claim that their rights are being ignored.

When will these stupid people realise that they have no rights.

They lost the Referendum.

If they had won they would not have insisted that the Government leave the EU a little bit so that the Brexiteers did not feel discouraged or disappointed.

And now, since they lost, they should shut up and accept that we are leaving the EU.

The trouble is, of course, that the Remainers are largely lefty, politically correct and professional victims and whingers. They find it impossible to accept that they are not going to have their own way.

And so they are doing everything they can to try to overrule democracy by demanding that their views take precedence over the majority.

I am astonished at just how stupid they are.

The thousands who joined the march in London or who joined the Russian robots in signing a pointless petition do not seem to realise that they were supporting an Establishment controlled by liars, fraudsters and committed neo-Nazis.

Or maybe they do realise – and they like the idea.

Whatever happens now, the important thing is that we (the sensible, loyal, patriotic folk in Britain) have to build up a loathing and mistrust of the European Union.

We have to combat the EU’s efficient propaganda machine.

The task is quite simple.

All we have to do is to tell the truth to as many people as we can.

The EU was designed and built by Nazis. It was built by men using the millions they made out of the German concentration camps.

I repeat: If Brexit is not respected then we are heading for a civil war.

Brexiteers are not going to lie down, forget and go away.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019

P.S. Last night, we watched Where Eagles Dare in which the British (in the person of Richard Burton) and the Americans (represented by Clint Eastwood) take on, and defeat, the early version of the European Union. I did try to count how many Germans were killed but I lost track. It made me feel much better. Recommended viewing for Brexiteers.