Questions and Answers No 1

Dr Vernon Coleman

Q: I seem to remember that over a year ago you claimed that the covid jabs would kill more people than covid-19? Do you still stand by that?

A: It was on the 19th February 2021 that I recorded a video entitled `Could the covid-19 jabs kill more than covid-19?’ ( Click here to watch the video). Inevitably, the video was viciously attacked by so-called fact checkers. But the evidence now shows that people are dying in huge numbers – and death rates are rising along with covid jab administration. The people who have been most jabbed appear to be dying faster than the wise folk who haven’t had any jabs at all.

It is difficult to be precise about the link between the jabs and the deaths because deaths are rising rapidly anyway (the closure of health care services has resulted in a massive increase in the number of deaths from heart disease and cancer) but any independent scientists left in the world should be trying to determine the extent of the relationship between the jab and the excess deaths.

Yes, my video from 19th February 2021 was absolutely accurate.

What will happen, of course, is that the State-controlled mainstream media will continue to promote the jabs, continue to deny that the jabs are killing people and continue to protect the drug companies.

Before the covid jabbing started I suggested that the authorities should start a research project comparing the health of 20,000 people after they’d been jabbed with the health of 20,000 people who chose not to be jabbed. It would have been easy to do. But no one did it because they knew that the results would prove that having the covid jab was more dangerous than not having it.

Q: Do you think that governments are still trying to kill old people?

A: I certainly do. They have deliberately created higher fuel prices and higher food prices in order to kill the poor. And the elderly make up most of the poor. Real inflation is now well over 10% and will go much higher. We’re heading for a certain recession. But State pensioners are getting a 3% increase in their pension while the 5,000 fat cats who used to work for the Bank of England will get a pension pay rise of 11.2%. The former bankers will continue to get fat. The Government has generously given pensioners the choice of starving to death now or freezing to death next winter.

Q: I was pleased to see that tennis players have followed your suggestion and are putting pressure on Wimbledon to withdraw their ban on Russian tennis players. Do you think the players will win this fight?

A: I do. The players have suggested that Wimbledon loses its ranking points – and effectively stops being a Grand Slam tournament. But tennis followers have to pile on the pressure too – and threaten to boycott the tournament. Banning players because of their nationality is crude racism. Governments and the establishment desperately want us to hate all Russians in order to excuse the war which was deliberately created in order to cause hundreds of millions of deaths in Africa and Asia.

Q: Why are electricity companies allowed to deny customers their cheaper deals if they don’t have a smart meter?

A: Simple – governments and electricity companies are desperate to force people to have smart meters so that they can control them completely. Once you have a smart meter in your house you are at the mercy of the electricity company and the Government. It’s an early form of the dreaded social credit programme that is so widespread in China.

Q: Is there any research available to show that it is safe to give children loads of different vaccines – one after the other, for year after year?

A: No. I believe no one has authorised such research because they know it would show that mass vaccination programmes are dangerous and ineffective. I have been studying and warning about the hazards of vaccination programmes for 50 years and for over a decade no one in the mainstream media has been willing to debate vaccines and vaccination with me. (It is possible that this may be because when they did debate, they always lost.)

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