Antibiotic Warning

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

An acquaintance recently bought some antibiotics from a foreign internet company. They looked very dodgy to me. The first risk is that the drug may not do its job properly. The second risk is that it might contain something toxic. Itís dangerous to buy prescription medicines online from a company which you do not know. The whole business is reminiscent of Harry Lime in ĎThe Third Maní, flogging ineffective penicillin in Berlin.

The internet is now awash with companies flogging drugs of all kinds. You can buy antibiotics, painkillers and just about anything else you like.

But there is a real risk that the product you buy will be a fake. It may have the same name and packaging as a drug you trust. But the ingredients may be useless or dangerous.

My advice is simple: donít buy them through any internet company which isnít regulated and registered. And try to buy drugs made by a company youíve heard of or one with factories in a country where the rules are strict. (British rules are commendably tough.)

Otherwise, the pills may not be what they seem.

And they could kill you.

Taken from Tickety Tonk by Vernon Coleman Ė available as an eBook and a paperback on Amazon.

Tickety Tonk is the seventh of Vernon Colemanís diaries.

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