Doctors and Nurses can kill anyone over 70. Soon they’ll be allowed to kill anyone over 50. And then…

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

The policy of the conspirators has long been that the elderly should be allowed to die. The United Nations policy (an exercise in officially approved ageism which turned the over 70s into non-citizens) and the Liverpool Care Pathway (a technical term for murder) make it very easy for governments to kill their elderly citizens. In the UK, doctors and nurses are pretty well allowed to do what they like with those who are over 70 years of age – with or without their permission or their relatives’ approval. In care homes, even untrained staff can stuff the unknowing, trusting elderly full of benzodiazepines and other toxic substances. (The cut off age for caring will, of course, be reduced over the coming years.) The elderly and their relatives used to have to watch out for DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) notices being stuck on a patient’s medical records. That was simple. These days anyone over 70 who goes into hospital is, it seems, a suitable target for the midazolam and morphine ‘kill’ cocktail which is now in standard use. Every older citizen has constantly to watch their step. One slip or trip could take them into a hospital from which the only exit will be on a shrouded trolley on their way to the undertaker.

‘We have to avoid bed blocking patients’ is the excuse from members of staff who regard the elderly as subhuman; members of another species who are not entitled to medical care.

In early 2023, Dr Ezekiel Emanuel, the 65-year-old White House oncologist and Obamacare architect, stated that he will refuse all medication (including antibiotics and painkillers) when he turns 75 years of age. His personal cut off point is a decade away so this gives him plenty of time to change his mind or for everyone to forget what he said.

Emanuel is reported to have stated that old age is a burden to society and to loved ones. He claims (erroneously perpetuating a drug company supported myth) that people have more years of life now than before (it is only an improvement in infant mortality figures which has changed and there are more elderly people alive because there are more people alive).He is also reported to have said that old age robs us of creativity and our ability to contribute to work, society and the world. And he adds that the degradation of health means that the elderly can rob a family of valuable time and resources.

It seems clear to me that Dr Emanuel is spouting the sort of nonsense espoused by the conspirators who want to get rid of old people. (And, of course, it is very easy to make those promises now. It will be considerably harder for him to stick to them if and when he reaches his 75th birthday.)

A few years ago I wrote an entire book (called Climbing Trees at 112) which lists the many astonishing achievements of elderly individuals (up to the age of 112). All doctors and nurses should read it.

Taken from the book `They want your money and your life’ by Vernon Coleman.

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