Anyone supporting Israel is supporting genocide and should be arrested

Dr Vernon Coleman

The police have been arresting supporters of Hamas because it is regarded as a terrorist group. I understand that.

But since even the Pope now agrees that Israel is practising terrorism it is difficult to understand why the police around the world have not arrested demonstrators supporting Israel or waving Israeli flags.

Thanks to South Africa, the people in charge of Israel’s genocidal attacks on the people of Gaza are now defending themselves at the International Court of Justice.

And it is clear that the ICJ will have to find Israel guilty of genocide.

(If they don’t then the court should be shut down. Israel has absolutely no defence except propaganda and insultingly implausible lies such as `It wasn’t us, we were 1000 miles away having our hair done’.)

The police everywhere should be arresting anyone carrying or displaying an Israeli flag.

(Interestingly, the supporters of Israel are, by and large, the same people who support the climate change myth and who believe in covid and who promoted the lethal but useless covid vaccine.)

The British and American governments will probably be leaning on the ICJ to find Israel not guilty because supporting genocide is also an offence.

But when Israel is found guilty then anyone flying an American flag or a British flag will be guilty of supporting genocide. And surely they’ll have to be arrested too.


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