A Perfect Example Of How Blair's Fascist Government Uses Fear To Prepare Citizens For Yet More Oppressive New Laws

Can there be anyone left who doesn't believe that modern, Western Governments now routinely use `fear' to persuade us to accept their oppressive new laws?

In Britain, where Blair and his bunch of fascist cronies now run the country as though they own it, the Government has become outrageously, uncaringly arrogant in its use of fear as a weapon to control the voters.

For example, on the evening of November 22nd the ITN 10.30pm news led with a story about how Britain's security forces had thwarted a plot to fly hi-jacked aeroplanes into Canary Wharf and Heathrow airport.

Was anyone arrested? Er, it appears not.

Were any planes actually hi-jacked? Er, apparently not.

Did anything actually happen? Er no.

Is there any evidence at all for this preposterous claim? Well, just that a Government source said there could have been an attack if they hadn't stopped it.

And that's it.

So why did the Government want to scare us all half to death on November 22nd?

Could it possibly be because the day after releasing this blatant `scare story', on November 23rd, the Government revealed its plans to introduce yet more fascist and intrusive laws, giving the State ever increasing powers over us and taking away the last remants of our privacy and our liberty.

The Government clearly thinks all voters are stupid.

And so, it seems, do the various branches of the media.

My advice is simple: don't believe anything any politician ever says and don't believe anything published or broadcast by the mass media.

Question everything. (Naturally, I expect you to question everything I write too.) Turn up your scepticism to full power. Constantly ask yourself `Why? Who gains from this news item?'

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2004