Why Cancer Research UK and the Daily Mirror Owe Me an Apology

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I was delighted to read that two scientists, James Allison and Tasuku Honjo, have shared the Nobel prize for medicine. They demonstrated that the body’s immune system could be used to fight the spread of cancer. The Nobel committee described the therapy as a `landmark discovery’ that had `revolutionised cancer treatment and fundamentally changed the way we view how cancer can be managed’.

Over 20 years ago, back in the mid-1990s, I launched an entirely free, non-profit making website (no ads and no subscription costs) to draw attention to the fact that in my view a healthy immune system could help prevent cancer developing. The website was immediately attacked, `Celeb doctor Vernon Coleman’s latest web venture has been branded `scary, frightening and wrong’ by the Cancer Research Campaign’, claimed the Daily Mirror, a British newspaper. A spokesperson for the CRC said: `The information is wrong. The whole thing is frightening.’ The website was subsequently permanently destroyed by hackers.

Here is what I wrote about this in my book How to Stop Your Doctor Killing You which was published in 1996:

`My argument was that cancer develops because the body’s immune system isn’t working well and it is the breakdown of the body’s immune system which leads to death. The fitter and stronger the immune system is the less likely a patient will be to develop cancer and the less likely he or she will be succumb to cancer if he or she develops it.’ `The official view is that if you attack the cancer with surgery, poison or radiotherapy the disease will be eradicated.’ `No one within the cancer industry is interested in building up the patient’s general health or immune system. No one in the cancer industry seems to realise that the official forms of treatment attack and weaken the body (and the immune system) as much as they attack and weaken the cancer. The cancer industry (targeting profit rather than cure) prefers to turn every patient into a bald, hopeless invalid rather than face this simple truth.’ It is now clear that I was right – and that a healthy immune system is a major key to preventing and treating cancer. It would be nice if the Daily Mirror and the Cancer Research Campaign (now known as Cancer Research UK) were to apologise. It seems to me that their refusal even to consider my suggestion delayed progress by over two decades.

I wonder how many people may have died because of the Cancer Research Campaign’s refusal to accept the importance of the immune system in the development of cancer?

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