Electric Cars are Dangerous and should be Banned

Dr Vernon Coleman

It has been proven beyond doubt that electric cars are bad for the environment. They are worse than petrol or diesel cars and the people buying and driving them are nothing more than virtue signalling numpties.

And, of course, the electric cars on the roads are one of the reasons that electricity costs so much these days.

I wonder how many of the people who buy these silly cars realise that the electricity which powers their cars comes from coal, gas or wood.

But thereís another problem with electric cars which hasnít been dealt with often enough: they are a menace to pedestrians.

My wife was hit by an electric car today. It crept up behind her silently. She didnít know the car was there until it bumped her arm and hip.

Fortunately, she wasnít badly hurt.

(As an aside, a man who was studying his mobile phone saw the incident but simply carried on looking at his mobile phone. This is another sign of the new ultra-selfish world the conspirators have created. The motorist didnít stop, of course.)

I wonder how many pedestrians are being killed or injured by these wretched vehicles? I have on several occasions been startled by them approaching silently. Drivers donít seem aware how dangerous these absurd cars really are.

Until they are banned from the roads, electric cars should all be forced to travel no faster than 5-10 mph in towns.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2022

NB 1: Please watch Dr Colin Barronís video about electric cars on Brand New Tube.

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