Neo-Nazis are Everywhere!

Vernon Coleman

The House of Commons favours the EU over Britain. All our political parties are run by Remainers.

If Parliament votes for Theresa Mayís deal we will know it is a bad deal for Britain. Parliament is dominated by treacherous, treasonous MPs who care more for the EU than they do for Britain. If Parliament votes for any deal at all then we will know it is a bad deal. The only good outcome will be for Britain to leave the EU without any deal being agreed.

The House of Lords prefers the EU to Britain. So does the Bank of England. So does the civil service. So does the Church of England. So does the BBC. So do most of Britainís newspapers and magazines.

These organisations are, by definition, all staffed by neo-Nazis.

If you support the Labour Party you are a socialist. If you support the Conservative Party you are a Tory. If you support the EU you are a neo-Nazi.

(The EU has a flag and a tune. It needs a slogan. I suggest ĎThe EU: Designed by Nazis, Built by Nazis, Run by Nazis.)

Even social media seems to have chosen to side with the European Union.

Jack King, the author of the book All Remainers are Neo Nazis reports that when he decided to open a twitter campaign to initiate a conversation about the history of the EU he found himself banned with his very first attempted tweet.

When he tried to publish a tweet explaining that the EU was created by Nazis (an entirely accurate allegation) he received notification that he had been banned to protect the Twitter community.

Oh diddums.

The truth can sometimes be quite frightening, canít it?

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019

For rock solid proof that the EU was created by Nazis do please read Zina Cohenís excellent book The Shocking History of the EU. Zina Cohenís book also contains the biographies of the EUís 40 founding fathers. Itís a great book to use as a reference if you find yourself debating with Remainers. Her book is packed with facts. It is now impossible for Remainers to say ĎOh that Nazi stuff was debunked.í The book is available on Amazon as an eBook and a paperback. Jack Kingís book All Remainers are Neo-Nazis is also available, and if you buy the paperback the title makes it an excellent book to leave lying around where Remainers can see it. Iíve been buying large numbers of both books and distributing them to MPs and media folk. And the publishers have promised to use all their profits to distribute copies to journalists and politicians around the world.