Why Hard Workers are Leaving Britain

Vernon Coleman

Lefty commentators are bleating in unison at the number of rich Britons who are quitting the country.

They seem surprised.

Look at the facts.

Taxes are at a 30 year high and destined to go higher.

Interest rates are lower than they have ever been. People who have saved a little money have to stand by and watch it disappear. If you had put aside £100 ten years ago then, after allowing for interest payments and inflation, you would now have £87. (It is the elderly, not the millennials who suffered most from the 2008 crash. Millennials have done very well out of it.)

Idiot commentators say there has been a bull market in shares but the British stock market is now almost exactly where it was 20 years ago.

Investors and pensioners are worse off than they have ever been. There is virtually no point in anyone saving any money.

And that’s all under the auspices of a Conservative Government which is threatening to increase taxes.

The alternative being a Labour Government which has promised to introduce a wealth tax, new property taxes and garden taxes and to confiscate 10% of company shares.

What politicians don’t seem to realise is that when you put up taxes too high, the end result is that the tax take is lower.

When governments get too greedy the people who work hard, earn most (and pay a good deal of tax) get fed up with the system.

Once tax rates go above 50% people either stop working or they move somewhere else.

And that is what is now happening.

The hard working citizens are being driven away – leaving just the lazy, the inept and the greedy.

Millennials don’t want to work because it interferes with their ‘life’ balance.

And as impoverished immigrants pour into the country in search of free health care, free housing and free money so the people who have paid for the welfare state are buggering off to live somewhere else.

The very rich are going to Monaco or sunny little islands in the West Indies. And the self-employed (such as tradesmen) are working a three day week so that they earn enough to live on but not enough to pay huge amounts of tax.

Politicians, who are stupid, can’t see where this will end.

But you and I can.

We will end up with a country full of people who expect to be looked after and no one to do the work and pay the taxes to fund the Welfare State.

In a few years’ time Britain will be full of lazy millennials and immigrants lolling around in cafes – sipping lattes and moaning about the English middle classes not being prepared to work hard enough.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019