Austerity? Are You Kidding?

Vernon Coleman

Rich, lefty luvvies are for ever complaining that Britain doesnít give away enough money to the poor, the disadvantaged, the unemployed and the downright lazy.

Austerity, they say, is unforgiveable. We must stop it immediately.

We must spend, spend, spend on more benefits for people who donít want to work and who prefer to sit on a bench in the park with a six pack and the racing paper.

(We wonít be using their money, of course. They use clever tax avoidance schemes and tend to avoid paying tax.)

What the luvvies donít seem to realise is that the UK currently spends a quarter of its GDP on benefits.

Weíre supposed to be in the middle of our austerity period but we still spend a quarter of everything we earn on providing benefits of one sort or another for people who donít or canít work.

Try finding a country anywhere else in the world that spends a quarter of its gross income on providing benefits.

Britain is the most generous country on the planet.

We also hand out more in foreign aid than any other country.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019

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