Who is really responsible for Julian Assange’s Extradition?

Dr Vernon Coleman

Like most people wanted by the Americans, Julian Assange never stood much of a chance against his extradition to the US.

Here’s what I wrote in my book `Living in a Fascist Country’ in 2006.

`To be born English or British used to be regarded as an asset in the world. The English might have been feared, but they were also respected. No more. Today, thanks to the Labour Party and the leadership of Tony Blair, to be born British is to be born grossly and permanently disadvantaged; despised and loathed by citizens of the world; regarded as a citizen of a second-rate poodle state. Americans can at least wander the world with some arrogance: they are perceived as rich, aggressive and fearsome; their Government provides its citizens abroad with a considerable amount of protection. No other country can imprison an American without fearsome consequences. The extradition of American citizens is almost unknown. Britons, on the other hand, get no protection from their Government. Britons can be whisked hither and thither without protest. Britons are regarded as the citizens of the gangland leader's right hand thug. We are easy prey. Expendable. Extraditable. Kidnappable. Imprisonable.’

It was Tony Blair’s Government which gave the Americans the right to extradite from the UK while at the same time failing to obtain a reciprocal deal from the Americans.

And it was David Blunkett, the disgraced former Home Secretary, who was responsible and who signed the woefully one-sided Extradition Act.

Blunkett later admitted that he may have given too much away.

He certainly did.

But Julian Assange (although born an Australian) is just the last of many to lose out because of Blunkett’s bloomer.

Meanwhile, of course, Blunkett the disgraced former Home Secretary, is now Baron Blunkett with a comfortable seat in the House of Lords.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2022

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