Why Your Security Is At Risk

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

All credit card users will soon be able to choose to verify their identity by using facial recognition or fingerprint scans.

Biometric security is the new watchword for the Big Crooked Banks (that’s all of them).

Hitler’s European Union is introducing a new law which requires credit card payments to be verified using two out of three from a pin number or a password, the possession of a card or a telephone and something else such as a fingerprint.

(If you thought that you already needed two out of three from this list then you have clearly used a credit card more recently than anyone working for the European Union. This is not particularly surprising since EU employees prefer to have their bills paid for them by lobbyists and crooks.)

Of course, what no one will bother to tell you is that biometric security is about as useful as asking you your date of birth.

German criminals have already managed to get round one of the latest iris scanners by using a photograph and a contact lens. And it has been shown that voice recognition software can be tricked too. Biometric security can be summed up in one word – `rubbish’.

We would all be safer if the banks looked after our information rather more carefully, if the police put a bit more effort into catching hackers and identity thieves and if the courts punished the bastards who are caught instead of feeling sorry for them when they suddenly decide that they’re suffering from autism, ADHD or measles.

Meanwhile, identity theft is the fastest growing crime on the planet and none of the people who could do something about it gives a stuff.

We’re all on our own, folks.

Stay paranoid.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018