Coronavirus : At This Rate Testing Wonít Finish Until 2036

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I have been pointing out for ages that testing people to see if they have, or have had, the coronavirus is absolutely vital. When a patient is ill you canít start treating them until you have made a diagnosis. In a pandemic you canít start treating the population until you know how many of them have the disease.

Trying to decide how to prevent the spread of the virus is all guesswork if you donít know how many people have it and how many people have had it.

And you cannot possibly know how dangerous a bug is until you know what percentage of those who have it need medical attention and what percentage are dying.

The Government in the UK is currently testing less than 10,000 people a day for the coronavirus. The people being tested are mostly the sick who are in hospital. Not even NHS staff are being properly tested. (We do, however, seem to be testing celebrities and footballers.)

That is a sick joke: a sign of utter, contemptible incompetence.

The population of the UK is around 60,000,000.

If you test 10,000 a day then it will take 6,000 days to test everyone.

Thatís more than 16 years.

So the UK Governmentís testing programme will be completed by the year 2036.

And so in 16 yearsí time we will know what we should do to control this virus.


Absolutely, bloody brilliant.

By then, of course, we will have all forgotten why we were doing the testing.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2nd April 2020

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