Weíre At War

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I read an article the other day in which a journalist complained that writing about the coronavirus in Tanzania was dangerous because the government there is silencing the media.

`When the international media try to report on the pandemic,í moaned the writer, `they are accused of scaremongering, their attempts described by the government as a form of warfare.í

This was reported in the British main stream media as though it were a terrible example of censorship and the oppression of the truth.

Most of my remaining laughs have withered a little in recent months but I managed one for this and I think those who appeared to be shocked by this story need to look a little closer to home, and open their eyes.

There is no freedom of speech anywhere in the world now.

In Britain, for example, the Government owns the mainstream media lock, stock and printing press.

Anyone who questions the `officialí line, which appears to be that the coronavirus which causes covid-19 is a deadly killer which threatens the very existence of the human race, is ignored while every incident or even suggestion which might be used as ammunition to scare people is promoted with hysterical enthusiasm.

If I dare to include too many facts in a video for YouTube the censors will take it down. Iíve never said anything contentious or illegal or even against the YouTube rules but so far theyíve taken down five of my videos. After I complained they did put back two Ė including one called `Coronavirus: Why did YouTube ban my video?í I think even they were embarrassed to have taken that down. Iíve realised, by the way, that if I avoid using words such as `coronavirusí in the titles of videos then they are less likely to be taken down.

To those of us who care about facts the BBC is a real nightmare.

It has long seemed to me that the BBC, which receives money from many sources, including some given directly from the government, the EU and, inevitably, the Gates Foundation, has always been racist and sexist.

There is a Womanís Hour programme on the wireless but the State broadcaster would have a collective fit if anyone suggested a programme entitled Manís Hour. There is a Radio Scotland, a Radio Wales and two stations in Northern Ireland but no Radio England. I suspect that is because Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are recognised as regions by the European Union but the EU demanded that England be divided into a number of smaller regions.

Despite its charter and national responsibility, the BBC has always been biased and corrupt but it has travelled further along that road than I ever thought possible. Not content with gouging huge licence fees from the British public the BBC seems to be happy to accept money from anyone who wants to buy its favours. I have reported before on the massive multi-million payments which have been paid to the BBC by the European Union but many will have been shocked to hear that BBC also happily pockets huge sums from a wide variety of donors including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (It is, of course, a coincidence that Bill Gates appears to be revered by the BBC which always seems to describe anything slightly critical of Gates as `fake newsí or `false claimsí. )

We shouldnít forget that the BBC has been using news as a weapon of war for a long time. Goebbels said in 1944 that the British `know that news can be a weapon and are experts in its strategyí. And it was the BBC which the government used as the gun.

George Orwell is said to have learned about Newspeak and Doublespeak while working for the BBC and some suspect that his Ministry of Truth in the book `1984í was modelled on the BBC building in Portland Place.

In 1953, the BBC was used to spearhead the British propaganda campaign in Iran which led to the elected government being toppled.

And the BBC has a long tradition of blacklisting and denouncing critics. They have perhaps just lost a little of the subtlety in recent years.

Orwell knew, as do all proper writers, that it is a writerís job to stand up for victims, to protect the vulnerable and to oppose oppression. I am appalled that the mass market media has betrayed the people and that just about all the columnists active at the moment seem content to follow the party line. I feel able to offer criticism since I resigned from my last Fleet Street column some years ago when the editor of the newspaper I was working for refused to print a column criticising the Iraq War and Tony Blairís lies about the weapons of destruction.

As a writer I am disgusted by the way journalists have taken the knee to their editors and proprietors in order to please the government. It is a journalistís job to behave like dogs and to treat politicians like lampposts.

And as a former GP I am appalled at the way the science has been distorted and rearranged to suit dishonest motives.

The nonsense about the R number is meaningless because what really matters with an infectious disease is not the number of people who get it but the number who die of it. And we all know that this disease (I darenít say the name too often or this video will be banned because I am considered dangerous) is no more deadly than the flu.

Incidentally, governments are now going to find it harder to push up the death totals. They have already murdered all the vulnerable old people in care homes, and solved the ageing population problem by killing thousands of the over 65s. And many doctors are now wary about putting the fashionable disease down on every death certificate they write.

And consider the antibody tests, for example.

These have turned out to be appalling unreliable, particularly in the first two weeks of having Covid 19 symptoms, but governments are still using the tests as proof that lockdown needs to be reinstated. When you think about what they are doing, it is quite brilliantly wicked in an evil sort of way. At the beginning of this nonsense, months ago, I urged the government to do more testing Ė to find out how many people had, or had had, the bug. It seemed sensible. But they steadfastly refused to do this Ė finding new reasons or excuses on an almost daily basis. `The dog ate the test resultsí was my favourite of these. The result is that they can now do more testing, find more people with the disease and, therefore, introduce more lockdowns. They donít need more deaths. They have established that having the disease makes you a menace to society, a sort of Typhoid Mary of our times, and so if there are enough people in one area testing positive they can shut down everyone and everything as a punishment and, mainly, as a message to everyone else.

And the tests are being used to shut down farms and places where foods are prepared. They donít care about the fact that there are many false positives. Part of the plot for our future, and a smaller global population, is to make food scarce and push up the prices.

I feel odd when I say things like that.

I am not a natural conspiracy theorist though I am doubtless now labelled as one. Actually, the odd thing is that I believe that so many people now disbelieve governments and their absurdly, obscenely motivated rhetoric that they are conspiracy theorists Ė not us. Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson are conspiracy theorists Ė not you and me.

Everywhere you look they are finding ways to oppress us and make life more difficult. We are told that cash is too dangerous to use and their yearning for a cashless society is becoming more blatant by the day. Shops and pubs are being told not to take cash Ė as though it were deadly to do so. It would make more sense to outlaw doorknobs and handles. And those bug ridden plastic recycling bins we are told we must use so that we can pretend we are saving the planet even though our nicely washed old yoghurt cartons are taken off to be burned when they have been collected.

In March alone 1,250 free to use cash machines were converted to charge a fee when people take their own money out of the bank. And you have to use a machine because banks are too terrified of the plague to deal with mundane activities such as providing their customers with some of their own money over the counter.

No one seems to care that one in five Britons, and the figures are much the same everywhere, cannot cope without cash because they donít have or donít trust plastic, have poor broadband or mobile phone coverage or are frightened of debt. People donít get into uncontrollable debt using cash. But they do get into uncontrollable debt using credit cards.

Of course cash carries bugs. It always has. So just wash your hands after using it.

I feel deeply sorry for anyone under 60 and particularly for those who have small children or grandchildren. If we cannot stop this savage attempt to drive us into the New Abnormal, or the Global Reset promoted by the unelected and self-appointed rulers who have decided that the world is theirs and who are determined to control our lives there will be little future for any of us.

Everywhere we look there is manipulation of one sort or another. Newspapers and television cannot do anything without sponsorship of one kind or another. Iím proud that these videos and my website are free of advertising and sponsorship but everywhere I find myself raising an eyebrow or two in surprise.

For example, I looked at an interview with Bill Gates the other day that was published by The Guardian, the newspaper founded on slave money. The interview was described as being part of their `Now Generationí articles.

Incidentally, has anyone without a new film or album to promote ever done as many interviews as Bill Gates? The manís hubris, vanity and self-regard are staggering.

The interview was entitled `The African youth boom: whatís worrying Bill Gatesí and the writer was a journalist called Polly Toynbee who met the apparently wonderful Mr Gates at what was rather breathlessly described as his foundationís spacious campus in the heart of his hometown, Seattle.

The blurb said: `The philanthropist warns that stability in Africa makes a huge difference to the world, and that investing in the health and education of its young people is vital.í

There is lovely picture of Gates looking thoughtful and rather worried about something. Maybe he too has trouble with his damned software.

Gates is reported as telling us that Africa is not one country but many, which is kind of him because the rest of us hadnít noticed, and though there isnít much talk of vaccination there is much hagiography here. I saw no mention of all the controversies that have surrounded Gates in recent years. It all seemed rather nauseatingly sycophantic to me. Ms Toynbee didnít ask Gates why he didnít just distribute money directly to individuals and let the recipients use it as best they wanted. She didnít ask why he didnít just build roads and farms so that the poor Africans could better their own lives. She didnít ask him what the devil gave him the right to decide what other people wanted.

`He is reaching for what works best to revive the westís faltering conscience in the face of America first nationalism and rising pull up the drawbridge populism in Europe. The spirit of generosity is under assault as government aid budgets come under constant sniper fire from right wing politicians and their media,í wrote The Guardianís Toynbee.

But the best bit of this is at the bottom where a two line note tells us that `The Now generationí is a series produced in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundationí.

A click on a link tells me that `The journalism is editorially independent, commissioned and produced by our Guardian journalists.í

Oh dear.

Surely, if you want to maintain the appearance of editorial independence, it is surely wiser to avoid writing puff type articles about your sponsor.

Or maybe thatís just me being old fashioned.

Incidentally, Mrs Melinda Gates has apparently said that black people deserve priority access to the Covid 19 vaccine when it arrives.

I donít think this was in response to the recent demonstrations. Perhaps it was more in response to the fact, belatedly recognised, that black people seem more likely to die of the coronavirus.

And why did it take them so long to spot that? I even put it in my book about the coronavirus which was published in April.

But were black people more likely to die, because of poverty, overcrowding and co-morbidities rather than racial differences? Has anyone done any research? I donít think so.

Or are black people deliberately being given the coronavirus bug because some of our new unelected leaders want to give them the vaccine?

If I were representing black people I would want to look closely at this. I would want to look at the Gatesí words about the size of the world population and at all the strange stories about the vaccination programmes associated with the Gates foundation. I would want to know how well the vaccine had been tested, who had made it and what the death rate was likely to be.

And I wonder why the wife of a billionaire software maker felt able to decide who should and who should not be vaccinated.

Iíve noticed too that it is being claimed that some of the regions that have seen the highest incidences of Covid 19 infection have high levels of pollution.


Of course people who breathe polluted air are more likely to suffer from respiratory illness. And when the air pollution is high it is usually because there are lots of people living closely together. And infectious diseases tend to spread more in crowded areas than in places where folk live 100 miles from their nearest neighbour.

This all comes under the heading of what I would call `completely crappy and pointless researchí.

More relevantly, right from the start of this crime I have been wondering whether the covid 19 deaths could be more common in patients who have been given a recent flu jab.

A number of doctors have asked this.

But as far as I know no one has attempted to answer the question Ė though it wouldnít be difficult to do so.

Indeed, doctors are being actively discouraged from looking at ways to treat or prevent Covid 19. In a previous video I discussed the way that hydrochloroquine was mis-investigated.

I have previously reported that at least one doctor in the UK has, to my certain knowledge, been struck off the medical register for daring to question the coronavirus crime. And I heard the other day about a small group of GPs in France who had used antihistamine drugs to modulate the severe symptoms of Covid 19 and who have been trying to get a controlled study done for the last three months. Instead of being encouraged the doctors have been threatened with sanctions or being struck off. Their crime? They contacted the media.

Make no mistake, these are dark and difficult times, as Victorian novelists probably liked to say.

You wonít find the truth in the mass media.

But you will find it here.

No advertising, no sponsors and definitely no money from Mr Gatesís ungodly Foundation.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 28th 2020

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