Vernon Colemanís Autobiography

Dr Vernon Coleman

Vernon Colemanís first volume of autobiography entitled `Memories 1í is now available as a paperback and an eBook.

As you might expect it isnít the usual sort of autobiography.

Instead it is a mixture of recollections, anecdotes, confessions, personal impressions, experiences, feelings and regrets.

Hereís a short extract from the Introduction to `Memories 1í:

`Iíve always been suspicious of autobiographies which start with neat memories of schooldays, progress through early adulthood and end up at some later point with every achievement and experience neatly recorded. And I am always impressed by people who keep diaries which enable them to see where they were on April 2nd 1962, who they dined with and how much they tipped the waiter. Iím afraid that from where I am sitting life doesnít seem like that.

Looking back is, for me, like rummaging through the attic, finding bits and pieces and going ĎOh, gosh, fancy that!í a great deal.

Most of my memories arenít neatly defined, with a reason, an ambition and a denouement. Most of my memories flash back in no particular order and are apparent more as bitty stories and anecdotes. Sometimes a memory from ten years ago pops up. And sometimes I remember something from fifty years ago. As a result, the true stories and anecdotes in this book are in absolutely no logical order; instead they are in the order in which they tumbled out of my head. I could have forced them into some sort of order, or characterised them according to theme, but that would have been entirely artificial. I could have tied all the bits together and called it a traditional autobiography but it would seem to me like tipping a dish of hors díoeuvres into a dish and calling it a stew. Or pouring a plateful of petits fours into a dish and calling the result a trifle. Why would you? In my experience, life doesnít necessarily move forward in a nice, neat straight line. Old memories donít always stay where you put them.

However, although I may not be able to remember bare facts I can remember how I felt, what I thought, what I learnt and what I did wrong at the important times of my life.

And so this is a book of personal impressions, confessions, experiences, anecdotes and feelings. The mixture is spiced with a few regrets too.

This is a look back on long years of happiness, frustration and disappointment, mildly raised hopes rather than vivid ambitions, a feeling of always being outside, nose pressed against the glass, watching the smooth, the confident, the comfortable and the belonging and wondering why it is that I have always felt myself to be an outsider.

So, to sum up, the pieces in this book are miscellaneous memories, flashes of thought, snatches of anecdotes, and experiences which seemed worth rescuing and restoring to some sort of life. Nearly everything in here took place back in the 20th century and early 21st century. None of it took place during the lunacies which characterised the years from 2020 onwards.

Preston Sturges, the great American film director, once planned a book entitled ĎVarious Events Leading Up to this Point in my Lifeí. That sums up this book perfectly.

Vernon Coleman
Bilbury, January 2022

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022

Vernon Colemanís new book `Memories 1í is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.

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