Award Winning Sanctimoniousness

Dr Vernon Coleman

We tried to enter a church belonging to the Church of England the other day but found this notice on the door:

`Despite being allowed to open for services, this church will remain closed for public worship for the foreseeable future. We are doing this in order to play our part in reducing the transmission of Covid.

There was a note to say that the church would open for funerals.

Of course it would. The vicar gets a fee for conducting a funeral.

That notice really does take the biscuit for sanctimoniousness.

Three hearty boos for the clergyman who wrote that. What a miserable, ignorant, heathen he must be: without soul, without spirit, without understanding, without compassion, without even the meanest of intelligence or a smidgen of holiness.

He has abandoned his congregation and shut Gods house. There is no reason to shut a church.

Even if this were a pandemic there would be no reason to shut and lock a church, denying parishioners access for private prayer.

But only an idiot now believes there is a pandemic. Only an idiot believes the lies that are told by the politicians, the media and the doctors.

Maybe the vicar has just found that he likes sitting at home watching TV or playing video games.

If Id had the strength I would have broken down the door.

Fortunately, nearby, we found a congregational church which was open, empty and welcoming.

We will not forget those who have behaved with honesty, decency and compassion and we will not forget those who have betrayed us.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 21th 2021