Bush And Blair Should Be Tried As War Criminals

Bush And Blair Should Be Tried As War Criminals

When Bush and Blair finally had to abandon their pretence that the illegal invasion of Iraq was about weapons of mass destruction they tried to defend their war (and it is their war not ours) by claiming that their aim had been to depose a tyrant - Saddam Hussein - whose troops had tortured and killed innocent citizens.

What now is the difference between Saddam Hussein, George W.Bush and Tony Blair?

If Saddam Hussein is to be (rightly) held accountable for the actions of his troops should not George Bush and Tony Blair also be held accountable for the vile actions of the soldiers acting in their names?

Bush and Blair (and Cheney, Rumsfeld, Straw and Hoon et al) are war criminals for having started the war against Iraq. Their crimes continue.

The American authorities have threatened to reprimand the American soldiers who are responsible for the torture of Iraqi prisoners. Some of those responsible may, it seems, even be forced to resign from the military.

To say that this is not enough is an understatement of mammoth proportions. Every one of those responsible should be tried as a war criminal. If convicted they should be punished in the appropriate way.

Apologies from Bush and Rumsfeld (Blair does not `do' apologies, of course) are not enough - any more than an apology from Saddam Hussein would have been acceptable.

It is difficult to appreciate it but the fact is that Britain and America are now the bad guys.

Bush and Blair have made all Americans and all Britons targets for terrorists.

Bush, Blair are just as responsible for the evil actions of their soldiers as Saddam Hussein - or Hitler - were for the crimes committed in their names. Bush, Blair et al must be tried as war criminals.

The sooner it happens the better it will be for Britain, for America and for the world.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2004