When the Next Government Tries to Take Us Back into the EUÖ

Vernon Coleman

Even if we succeed in leaving the EU, there is an excellent chance that the next Labour Government will take us back in.

And (having seen what happened last time) they wonít bother with a referendum.

To stop this happening we must demonise and destroy the European Union.

And the only way to do that is to draw attention to the ways in which the EU has made our lives more miserable.

Over the years weíve given billions in membership fees to the EU. In return they have damaged Britain in scores of ways.

Here are a few:

1. The EU has wrecked the NHS. GPs and hospital doctors are not allowed to work more than 40 hours a week. Thatís why you can no longer get hold of a GP at nights or at the weekend. The massive increase in population put pressure on the NHS at a time when the service was being reduced.
2. Energy costs have soared because of the EUís absurd regulations. The bills have gone up because pseudoscientists have convinced eurocrats that climate change is a reality Ė though the evidence doesnít show this at all. As a result of the EUís daft policies, electricity supplies will soon run out.
3. The cost of food has rocked because of the Common Agriculture Policy Ė designed to enrich lazy and inefficient French farmers.
4. Recycling is an EU nonsense. It is the EUís fault that we no longer have weekly bin collections. Recycling materials are taken overseas to be dumped, buried or burnt. And councils are fined by the EU if they donít follow the mad rules dreamt up by crazy eurocrats.
5. Interest rates are kept at absurdly low rates to protect European bankers. The result is that savers and pensioners have suffered and house prices have soared Ė making property too expensive for young folk.
6. Roads are too busy and full of potholes because of overcrowding (England is the most crowded country in Europe).
7. Schoolchildren are growing up unable to read or write because many immigrants cannot speak English and educational standards have fallen.
8. Small businesses are failing because of EU employment laws.
9. Animals are killed inhumanely so that the religious requirements of immigrants are met. All those who love animals find this deeply offensive.
10. Our privacy has been taken from us because of EU laws.

And we must also make people aware of the EUís history.

It is now established, without any doubt, that the EU was designed and built by Nazis. Moreover, it was built using money made by Nazis who operated the Auschwitz concentration camp.

There wonít be many Remainers keen for us to go back into the EU when they know the organisationís history.

We must constantly remind Remainers that anyone who supports the EU is a neoNazi and a fascist.

And that isnít name calling.

Itís the truth.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2019

If you want to know more about the ways in which the EU has damaged Britain read The EU: The Truth about the Fourth Reich by Beddowes and Cipollini. If you want to see what Britain will be like in 2025 under the EU, read Revolt by Vernon Coleman.