Bad Laws We Can Dump When We’re Free of the EU

by Vernon Coleman

I can hardly wait for Britain to leave the EU.

I’m like a kid at Christmas – except that I’ve been looking forward to this particular Christmas morning for over 40 years.

Britain will be so much stronger when we have left the accursed European Union. We will be richer, safer and better able to enjoy our island’s culture and history.

We will, of course, be able to call a halt to the absurd and unprecedented influx of foreigners – an EU sponsored invasion which has damned near destroyed the nation’s infrastructure.

(An invasion which has been welcomed by the metropolitan elite – including many Labour luvvies – who live in multi million pound houses in London and who never use the NHS or public transport.)

And we will able to free ourselves of the massively wasteful and expensive Common Agricultural Policy (introduced and sustained to make French farmers rich).

And we will be able to get rid of the utterly absurd EU energy policies which will result in national blackouts.

We will also be able to rid ourselves of a horde of other daft laws.

For example we will be able to dump the laws which:

1. Will force us to allow prisoners to vote.
2. Will result in the closure of small airports.
3. Force car manufacturers to build cars which always have lights on (there was never any reason for this change – which was overwhelmingly opposed by the public).
4. Make shops and businesses limit their opening hours – thereby producing vast queues and dramatically reduced profits.
5. Prevent GPs providing patients with 24 hour cover.
6. Force banks to regard Britons with homes in France, Spain and other European countries as terrorists or money launderers.
7. Will force us to impose a 55 mph limit on all roads.
8. Allow other countries to extradite British citizens with no evidence of wrongdoing.
9. Remove our basic rights to privacy.
10. Force us to use light-bulbs which don’t work properly and which are far more dangerous than the old ones.
11. Prevent us dealing with household rubbish in a sane and sensible way.
12. Have destroyed our fishing industry.

Those are just a few of the daft laws we can dump the minute we are out of the EU. There are (literally) thousands of other absurd laws which have made life increasingly unbearable. Good riddance to them and to the EU.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2nd 2016 For more information about EU laws I suggest you read The EU: The Truth about the Fourth Reich by Beddowes and Cipollini. This books is available as an ebook on Amazon.