Coronavirus: Why Did YouTube Ban My Video?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I was shocked but not surprised when YouTube took down one of my videos recently.

I was shocked because everything I said in the video was absolutely accurate and honest. The only conceivable problem was that the video didnít follow the authorised line being heavily promoted by governments all over the world.

A huge number of doctors now agree with me that governments have made huge mistakes in the way they have dealt with this virus. Iíve been saying this since February. Their propaganda has created much fear and I donít think anyone in government now denies that the number of people dying because of the lockdowns Ė the so-called 'cureí for the coronavirus Ė will be far, far greater than the number who will die from the virus itself. Governments everywhere have distorted truths and misled their populations.

My only aim has always been to provide some truths and, hopefully, some reassurance. I have never allowed advertising or sponsorship on my videos or my website. Both exist as what used to be called a public service. I donít make TV or radio programmes and I donít write articles or columns any more. Everything Iíve written or recorded about the coronavirus has resulted in my reputation being trashed so much that I would have been far better off if Iíd kept my thoughts to myself.

Iíve never been able to do the sensible thing. My life has been one of fighting for lost and difficult causes and truths. Iíve spent most of my many years battling for people and animals without enough care for the consequences. And Iím pretty used to being banned and lied about, sneered at and patronised.

I said I was shocked but not surprised by YouTubeís decision.

I wasnít surprised because YouTube seems to have got itself an unfortunate reputation for censoring people who put up videos on its channel.

Well, itís their channel. They are the publishers. So they can, if they like, allow only State approved lobbyists to put up videos.

But if anyone from YouTube ever bothers to watch this before deciding to ban it, because it doesnít follow the official party line, Iíve got a thought for you.

Some years ago I resigned from a well-paid column on a British Sunday newspaper because the editor refused to print a column questioning the validity of the Iraq War. I didnít believe in the weapons of mass destruction claims and I thought we were being lied to. I didnít see the point in writing a column if I wasnít allowed to express my honestly felt views. Resigning from that column on a matter of principle meant that I didnít get any more newspaper work. Editors donít much like columnists who have principles Ė and it cost me dearly in financial terms.

But that newspaper has been slowly dying since then.

The circulation fell by around 90% in the years which followed. Now, you could argue that the circulation fell that much because I resigned and I wouldnít stop you if you did but I wouldnít really believe it. And you could argue that the circulation fell because all newspapers are losing circulation and thatís true. But this particular newspaper has lost a devil of a lot more circulation than it should have done.

And I think I know why.

It is slowly dying because it lost its integrity. It doesnít stand for anything. It didnít respect its readers. And the readers saw or sensed that lack of respect.

In a way itís tricky being a publisher.

If youíre going to retain your integrity and ensure that your readers or viewers know that you respect their intelligence then you have to put up with people wanting to write or say things you donít agree with.

When the men and women in suits tell you to ban this or censor that you have to have the guts to say `Noí or someone else with more integrity will come along and put you out of business.

You obviously have to censor people who tell blatant lies or want to publish dangerous or illegal material. But you canít suppress the truth and expect to retain respect and goodwill. Leaving people alone to tell the truth or share their opinions needs courage and basic integrity. You have to recognise that you cannot have freedom without a free press. Remember those newspaper editors in old cowboy movies? They always had to courage to print the truth.

It was HL Mencken who wrote that the relationship of a journalist to a politician should be that of a dog to a lamppost. And it was Theodore Roosevelt who, to paraphrase slightly, wrote that thinking there must be no criticism of the establishment is not only unpatriotic and servile but morally treasonable.

It seems to me that the people at YouTube donít have either integrity or courage. More importantly they donít realise that the heart and soul of any publishing company belongs to the readers.

The video of mine which YouTube took down contained nothing but the truth. Iíve been researching and writing medical matters for a long time Ė a lot longer than YouTube has been in existence. Iím not stupid. Iím not going to write or say something I think is wrong.

Why did they try to censor me?

They could, I suppose, be like those terrible students who want to ban anyone who says something they donít like. But I donít think thatís it. That wouldnít make commercial sense.

Maybe they just prefer to follow the safe route and specialise in publishing videos of ducks on roller skates.

But I donít think thatís it. That wouldnít make commercial sense either.

Or, maybe they just disapprove of original thinking that doesnít fit neatly into government approved propaganda.

I was banned in China years ago so I know how that works. Statist, fascist, establishment organisations have been doing it for a long time. Look at what happened to Dr John Snow, Dr Ignaz Semmelweiss and many many more.

I think YouTube has been got at. I donít think its YouTube any more. I think itís ThemTube.

I think theyíre suppressing material which the authorities donít want publishing. I think that the men and women in suits have convinced them that anyone who questions authority is a mad, dangerous conspiracy theorist. Well look at my track record Ė itís all listed on my website. Iím not mad and Iím not a conspiracy theorist Ė though I suppose that if youíre a fascist dictator I might be considered dangerous.

This time itís a lot easier for me than when I resigned as a columnist and prior to that when I resigned as a GP because I didnít approve of what the Government was doing.

I donít get paid to put videos on YouTube. Working out what to say and recording videos takes time and energy and there are lots of other things Iíd rather be doing with the time and energy Iíve got left.

If I pack up making these little videos Iíll just put the same stuff on my website. It means I wonít have to comb whatís left of my hair and I wonít have to struggle with YouTube, which I donít find as user friendly as it could be. I donít want to be a guest on someoneís channel if they donít want me there.

I did consider taking down all my videos but decided not to for now Ė though if they remove this one I wonít put up any more. I donít want to be associated with a channel which seems to me to serve only as a mouthpiece for fascist, statist, oppressive propaganda.

So, I donít really care what YouTube decides to do.

If they want to restore a little of that lost integrity they could put back the video they banned Ė it was called `Why You Are Now in Great Dangerí and the script, in its entirety is on my website so that anyone who is interested can read it and wonder why the devil they censored it.

So, letís see if YouTube has the bottle to leave this video in place. (I wonder how many people have made videos criticising them.)

Or if the channel run by wee cowering timorous beasties is so desperate to suck up to the establishment that they ban this one as well.

And if the sycophants at YouTube ban me completely I really donít give a fig.

I was banned and suppressed long before YouTube appeared Ė long before the internet appeared.

Once before when I was banned I wrote that I would, if necessary, write out my articles and hand them out on street corners. Or sell my books from a wheelbarrow. And I still mean that.

If they do remove this or any of my other videos then everyone who cares about freedom and free speech will know that YouTube is no more than a worthless propaganda vessel Ė specialising in indoctrination.

The script of this video is going onto my website and I hope everyone who can do so will put the tape in places where YouTube canít remove it. Iím banned from Facebook and so on because Iím considered a threat. Itís the modern day version of book burning.

So put this tape on your Facebook page or Twitter or whatever.

Or put a link to my website so that people can read the truth directly. Tell everyone to watch or listen or to read my website. Itís all free. No ads. No sponsors. No one ever tells me what to write or what not to write.

Stand up for the truth. Itís really quite important.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 13th May 2020

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