Suppressed, Oppressed, Banned and Hidden

Dr Vernon Coleman

My latest video on is being heavily suppressed (presumably by the CIA in the US and the SIS in the UK – this isn’t the ordinary hacker) and you may have difficulty in seeing it. It is, I think, a vital video because it explains precisely why the worldwide experimental vaccination programme should be halted immediately.

There are, however, already well over 25 copies of the video available on Bitchute and many more on other platforms – and those can be seen at the moment. Just put my name into the relevant search engine. Please try putting the video on as many other platforms as you can find. (To my astonishment, one exosome believer has put the video onto his channel – presumably quite happy to make money out of a video he doesn’t agree with because, bizarrely and inexplicably, he doesn’t believe viruses, bacteria or fungi exist.)

Or just read and share the transcript which is available on both my websites but easier to share from

My websites are also under constant attack. For example, there were over1,900 attempts to take down during May 2021.

Why so much suppression and so many attacks?

There is only one reason.

The evil authorities trying to take over the world and kill billions are scared of the truth.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 4th 2021