Vernon Coleman Barred by LinkedIn for Telling the Truth

Dr Vernon Coleman

I was banned from joining Facebook or Twitter (on the curious grounds that 75-year-old authors and retired doctors might prove too much of a threat to their communities) but I was allowed to join LinkedIn. Nearly 5,000 people asked to connect and I was happy to join with them.

However, it appears that LinkedIn has decided that I am a danger to their little world.

After I posted a few words recommending one of my videos on Brand New Tube I was told that the post would be removed.

I then posted a few words reminding people that LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft which is, of course, the company which has made Bill Gates unreasonably rich. All well-known and true.

But that was apparently too much.

I have now been told that I am no longer persona grata at LinkedIn.

Well, stuff you Bill. I really donít give a toss. But if LinkedIn is really worried at my telling these very simple truths then we must have got you very worried indeed.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2021