BBC Boasts It Is Committed to Deception

Dr Vernon Coleman

In September 2020, I made a video in which I revealed (thanks to Richie Allen who caught the confession on one of his recording machines) that the BBC has a policy of refusing to allow air time to anyone who questions vaccination. Because this confession is so important Iím repeating it. This is why you will never hear the truth on the BBC.

`On 23rd September, on a BBC programme called Radio Five Live, which I confess Iíve never listened to and which probably has three listeners, someone called Emma Barnett said something quite extraordinary.

`We actually donít, as a matter of editorial policy, we donít debate with anti-vaxxers, whether theyíre right or wrong. We actually donít do that.í


Note Ms Barnettís words Ė `right or wrongí.

Only if you had never done any research could you think that this policy is a good one. The world of vaccination can really only be divided into two groups: the pro-vaxxers, who are blind to the truth and keen to suppress it because it is inconvenient or uncomfortable, and the truth seekers who are open-minded and who possess scientific curiosity.

Boris Johnson has described us truth seekers as nuts, and since that comes from a man who has proved himself to me to be an imbecile in that he appears to have deliberately rejected the real scientific evidence, a traitor in that he appears to have betrayed the people he is paid to look after I think and Britainís first self-appointed dictator, that can probably be regarded as a compliment.

Iíve never heard of this Emma, indeed the only Emma I was previously aware of was Emma Hamilton who was the mistress of Lord Nelson and who died in 1815 though I donít suppose being dead would prevent her having a job with the BBC. Indeed, it might be considered an advantage.

What qualifications do you need for a job like this?

O level arrogance? Ability to make a nice cup of tea?

Where do they find people prepared to take a job with these strictures? Do they import them, give them a bag of chips and point them at a microphone? I have no idea.

Anyway, thatís what young Emma had to say about the BBCís attitude towards the truth about vaccines on the BBC. Iím quoting it because no one except Guardian readers and Bill and Melinda Gates listen to anything on the BBC Ė itís a cultural backwater which has been stagnant for decades.

So there we are.

The BBC Ė paid for with our money, well not actually mine because I donít give them any Ė seems to be deliberately and openly suppressing the scientific truths about vaccine. Emma almost seems sort of proud of it. `We donít do that.í She talks about it as though sheís talking about not spitting on the pavement or shoplifting or passing wind in public. Itís as though she feels the corporationís prejudice and anti-scientific approach gives her the right to assume the high moral ground.

The fear, of course, is that many people may die as a result of the BBC policy.

If the pro-vaxx argument goes unquestioned then problems may never be solved. Thousands of people are seriously and often permanently injured because vaccines are not properly tested or because drug companies hide evidence. I wonder if little Emma understands what transverse myelitis involves? Or how parents feel when a perfectly healthy child has a vaccination which leaves them permanently brain damaged. One life lost and two lives permanently scarred. I wonder if she understands that governments promote vaccination for economic reasons not health reasons. Does she have any idea how much vaccine companies cheat and lie?

This policy of a blanket ban on those who question vaccination means that any who fight for the truth will be dismissed not as truth seekers but as anti-vaxxers.

To me Emma seems utterly hubristic and, at the same time, shamelessly pathetic. And the organisation employing her is worse. There is an arrogance, an assumption at the BBC that the people who question vaccination, and who argue that there are risks which may exceed the benefits, are lunatics. They seem to believe that the science has been sorted in favour of vaccination. But that is wrong and narrow-minded.Ď

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2021

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