The BBC Clearly Wants to be Defunded

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Last year the BBC fought against Brexit (and the will of the British people). It is worth remembering that the BBC has received millions from the European Union.

And the BBC’s absurdly blind and one sided support of climate change was also an EU policy. The BBC presumably doesn’t care that most Britons believe that global warming is a load of hot air.

This year the BBC is trying even harder to prove that it hates Britain and the British.

First, the BBC reneged on its deal to provide over 75s with free TV licences. It then rubbed salt in an open wound by threatening to spend millions chasing OAPs – with the hope, presumably, of sending many of them to prison.

Second, the BBC decided not to perform choral versions of Proms classics Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory. Once again this was not what the British people wanted.

And then, on Saturday 29th, the BBC website ignored one of the biggest and most peaceful rallies in recent history.

If the rally in Trafalgar Square had been a Black Lives Matter demonstration, the BBC would have led every bulletin with sycophantic reports.

But the demonstration against the coronavirus hoax did not even appear on a list of BBC website headlines – even though it was probably as big as the Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

Earlier, in the day, however, the BBC website had tagged a rather dismissive short report onto another news item and had claimed that `several pseudo scientists were due to speak at the rally in Trafalgar Square’.

I believe a number of well qualified scientists were due to speak.

And so it occurs to me that the BBC might find itself paying out hefty libel damages.

Certainly, if I had been a listed speaker I would have delighted in suing the BBC – and would have demanded vast damages.

I would have mentioned, in passing, that the BBC has financial links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – an organisation which promotes the coronavirus hoax and the vaccine.

I hope thousands of readers will make formal complaints to the BBC.

Just go to Contact the BBC website and look for `how to complain’.

This is a specific error – which should cost the BBC dearly.

And let’s continue campaigning for this disgraceful organisation to be defunded and, preferably, closed down.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 29th 2020