Why Does the BBC Exist?

Dr Vernon Coleman

Yesterday, India announced that it would no longer export wheat. This was a vital news story because it means that food prices will rise worldwide. Millions more will die in Africa. The poor in Britain and the rest of Europe will suffer massively.

Indonesia has already stopped exporting palm oil.

Germany and Spain have introduced food rationing.

I couldn’t find these stories on the BBC Website. Maybe there were there somewhere. But I didn’t see them. And these should have been the lead stories. They weren’t lead stories whenever I looked at the BBC site.

However, there was more than ample coverage of a libel case between two footballers’ wives.

How can anyone at the BBC feel pride in what they do? Why does the BBC exist?

These are dark and difficult days. Please do not buy any BBC products. And make sure that (legally, of course) you do not pay the BBC licence fee.

In my view, the BBC is a disgrace and it deserves to die.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2022

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