Yet Another BBC Lie

Vernon Coleman

The toxic Guardian newspaper and rancid BBC have a fancy for describing Brexiteers as being the Far Right – as though they were all dangerous lunatics who really ought to be locked up.

This is yet another example of absurd bias.

We should, I suppose, be used to it – particularly with our State broadcaster, for the BBC has a corporate tendency to the variety of pseudomania favoured by our Prime Minister.

(Pseudomania, I should perhaps mention, is an insane tendency to make false statements. It is something well associated with social media but more properly assigned to both the BBC and our Parliamentary representatives.)

Describing Brexiteers as being the Far Right is very silly.

First, most of Britain voted to leave the EU. A huge majority want to have nothing more to do with Brussels. By definition you cannot have most of the country sitting on the far right.

Second, a substantial majority of Labour supporters voted Leave. Do the Guardian and the BBC seriously contend that the majority of Labour voters are on the Far Right?

The truth (something which the Guardian and the BBC find rather difficult to grasp) is that it is Remainers who are the extremists since they are all (by definition) supporters of Hitler’s National Socialist Party and are, therefore, all neo-Nazis and fascists (for the truth about who created the EU, please read, Zina Cohen’s book, The Shocking History of the EU.

We would all move forwards if Brexiteers took a little time to encourage the BBC and the Remainers to accept that history shows them, unarguably, to be neo-Nazis.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019