Boycott BBC Question Time

Dr Vernon Coleman

It reported that the BBC is asking those opposing the covid-19 jab to sit in the audience at a forthcoming Question Time programme.

The suggestion is that you may be allowed to ask a question of the panel.

Do not go. Do not take part in any BBC programme.

I do not believe that the BBC will give audience members who question the covid jabs a fair chance to ask a sensible question.

And I believe that since the programme is recorded, the chances are high that the BBC will edit your comments so that you (and all those opposed to the covid jabs) look stupid, ignorant and dangerous.

This seems to me to be no more than a scam so that the BBC can claim that they have allowed those who question the covid-19 jabs to do so on a BBC programme. But planting a few individuals in an audience isnít going to produce what I would regard as a proper debate.

Remember, the BBC officially refuses to allow doctors and others who question vaccination onto its programmes.

The BBCís bias and censorship is crude and long-lasting. I believe it is in breach of its own charter.

Oh, and while Iím on the subject of the BBC: do not break the law (of course) but do NOT pay the BBC licence fee.

To protect our freedom and free speech we have to defund and destroy the BBC.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2022