News The BBC Probably Didn't Bring You (Vol 2)

Vernon Coleman

1. Britain's Labour Government has forced the Bank of England to adopt a phoney price index target as the building block for its inflation figures. As a result the Bank of England's inflation figure is entirely spurious. Fraudulent, even. The `official' Government-approved inflation figures do not include the cost of such items as housing and fuel. The Government seems to regard these as non-essential luxuries. So inflation figures are kept artificially low. This enables the Government to claim (utterly dishonestly) that it has kept inflation low. And this, in turn, enables it to cheat pensioners and others out of their real `inflation-proofed' pay rises. The whole British economy is built upon existing inflation figures. By creating false inflation figures the Government is doing long-term damage to Britain.

2. Breast cancer has been shown to be higher among women who grow up or work on farms. Of course it is. (See the article headed `Why Is Breast Cancer Becoming Commoner?' on this website.)

3. Despite the fact that Europeans have made it very clear that they do not want genetically modified (or engineered food) that's what we are now getting. We can thank the British Government for this. Blair's enthusiasm for all things American means that it is now virtually impossible to avoid foods that contain genetically modified ingredients. In the USA at least 80% of corn, 80% of soybeans and 90% of wheat is now genetically modified. There are no laws on labelling in the USA, and so consumers eat these Frankenstein foods unknowingly. Look on food packaging and menus in Europe and you will often find the get out phrase: `Our foods do not knowingly contain genetically modified ingredients'. The food manufacturers and the restaurant owners put this on because they don't know whether they are using genetically modified ingredients or not. But if they are buying their ingredients from the USA then they most likely are. So, even if you are doing everything you can to avoid genetically modified food the chances are that you are eating it anyway. Blair and the EU should have refused to accept any American products not guaranteed completely natural. But that would have annoyed the Americans.

4. When children in orphanages in India were fed on genetically modified wheat scientists observed blood changes which suggested that the children were developing early leukemia. The genetically modified food was removed from India. However, children in Europe now eat it. And no one is doing tests to see what damage the genetically modified food is doing. Remember: gene pollution lasts for ever. There is no going back.

5. Disgraced former Labour Politician David Blunkett claims that Blair made him Pension's Minister as `therapy' when he (Blunkett) was suffering from depression. I have described my fears about Blunkett's capabilities as a Minister elsewhere on this site (and in several books). What did pensioners and prospective pensioners do to deserve having an allegedly sick (and in my view incapable) man looking after their interests? (I believe that even when not depressed Blunkett was a dangerous liability.)

6. An Italian TV show was pulled from the schedules there recently after exposing the fact that nearly a quarter of 50 MPs had smoked cannabis or used cocaine. The show was withdrawn after MPs claimed their privacy had been infringed. (Italian MPs are not the best informed in the world. One, for example, thought that Nelson Mandela came from South America.)

7. Most people suffering from type 2 diabetes (maturity onset diabetes) don't need expensive drug therapy. Their condition can be controlled if they simply change their diet. Best results are obtained with a simple vegan diet. (Such a dietary solution would, of course, annoy both the drug industry and the meat industry.)

8. The British Government has accepted and approved a primate captive-breeding farm called Nafovanny in Vietnam as a source of primates for British researchers. Nafovanny is the world's largest such farm. But investigators claim that Nafovanny has kept primates in wholly unacceptable conditions. Before the 1997 election Blair and New Labour politicians promised to arrange for a Royal Commission to investigate the value of animal experiments. Since taking power (and discovering that a Royal Commission would find that animal experiments are worthless) Labour politicians have reneged on their promise.

9. The organisation Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has for decades provided essential medical services for people in war zones. But MSF has now closed its women's clinic in Kabul and has withdrawn from Afghanisan. MSF stayed in Afghanistan throughout the Soviet war of the 1980s, the civil war of the 1990s and the brutal Taliban regime until 2001. But now MSF has had to pull out. The American and British invasion of Afghanistan has made the country too unsafe for MSF's doctors to operate safely. Anyone who still supports Tony Blair and New Labour should be ashamed.

10. Crossing the English Channel will, if the EU gets its way, no longer be classified as a trip abroad. The EU has decided that crossing the Channel should, in future, be regarded as just a journey between two sectors of the European Union. The EU says the plan is designed to help simplify trade throughout Europe. (The changes will, presumably, mean an end to customs posts at British ports.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman 13th November 2006
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