Half A Dozen Sound Reasons Why Everyone In England Should Encourage Scotland To Become Independent

Vernon Coleman

Recent surveys show that a majority of Scots want to make their country independent.

(Most Scots, like the Welsh, do not understand that their so-called Parliament is, in reality, merely a Regional Assembly. Scotland and Wales are doomed to become regions of the EU superstate - while England will be broken up into 9 regions.)

The English should support and encourage the Scots in their battle for independence.

Here are the reasons why:

1. If Scotland becomes independent and breaks up the United Kingdom there will be an overwhelming argument for the English to be given their own Parliament. All members of the new English Parliament will represent English constituents. This means that only English MPs will be able to vote on issues affecting English citizens. (Unlike the present Parliamentary system which allows Scottish MPs, with no English constituents or English responsibilities, to vote on issues which affect the English.)

2. If Scotland has been given independence it will be possible (and crucial) for those founding the new English Parliament to insist that only citizens born in England can be elected as Members of the English Parliament. This will ensure that we can send all Scottish politicians such as Blair, Brown and Reid back to their homeland. It will also mean that only people who care for the culture, history and future of England will control the nation's destiny.

3. The British Government currently spends 1,503 more per head on Scottish citizens than it spends on English citizens. This is why Scottish cancer patients are given life-saving drugs which are denied to English patients. It is why English university students must pay their tuition fees while Scottish students get their education free (even if they are studying at an English university). It is why the elderly in England must sell their homes to pay for nursing home care while the elderly in Scotland get free nursing home care. It is why there are free eye tests and free prescriptions for far more patients in Scotland than in England.

4. Scotland has a population of around 5 million. Of these only 163,000 are net taxpayers. In other words, of the 5 million Scots, an astonishing 4,837,000 are kept by English taxpayers.

5. An English Parliament could, and almost certainly would, vote to leave the European Union. England would once again be a strong and independent nation. Without the votes of Scottish MPs who support Britain's membership of the EU (and who prevent our leaving) the English would be free of European red tape and richer by several billion pounds a year.

6. Without Scotland and the EU to support the English would be much better off. England could have much better schools and hospitals. And lower taxes.

If Scotland becomes independent the Scots will become a good deal poorer. But the English, who have supported Scotland for years, will become a good deal richer. Every Englishman and Englishwoman should encourage the Scots in their fight for independence.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2006

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