Is this the beginning of the end – the year the conspirators have been preparing for?

Dr Vernon Coleman

The US and UK Governments have now started an undeclared war against Yemen.

Yemen is being bombed because it has attacked Israeli ships in order to support the Palestinians in Gaza.

The US and the UK are bombing Yemen in support of Israel which insists on continuing its genocidal, inhuman attacks on the Palestinian people.

At the same time, both US and UK governments are continuing their support of Ukraine (possibly `the most corrupt country in the world’) and are pumping billions that they haven’t got into helping Zelensky’s policies kill the remaining few members of the local population. We are closer to war with Russia than at any point for many decades.

None of this makes any sense, of course if you look at what is happening without thinking in terms of a global conspiracy.

Britain, having bypassed third world status, is now a fourth world country. Now that the socialised medicine experiment known as the National Health Service has broken down completely, there is no effective national health care. Drinking water supplies are polluted. Victorian sewage facilities cannot cope, and human waste is discharged into rivers and the sea. Britain is failing to control its own borders and the influx of millions of immigrants is making a bad situation worse.

And yet Britain is spending billions on bombs and bullets to drop on Russia (even though we aren’t yet at war with Russia) and is now bombing chunks of the Middle East in order to support a country (Israel) which most of the world regards as a terrorist nation guilty of genocide. Every sane and moral person in the world has condemned Israel, which seems to regard itself as being above all criticism and entitled to do whatever it wants to do.

The US is not much better off than Britain. American infrastructure has collapsed. Poverty is nationwide. The US has massive, out of control debts. Like the UK, America has lost control of its borders. A seemingly demented President is ignoring his own people and Congress, and now dropping bombs on Yemen in support of Israel.

Threats have been made against Iran too and thanks to Israel the whole of the Middle East is a tinderbox.

Naturally, the mainstream media around the world is ignoring the danger signs.

In Britain as in America, the press is obsessed with minor local issues and devotes space and time to relatively insignificant issues rather than report the truth.

When Israel is mentioned, the reporting is embarrassingly one sided. How many people in the West know that Israel is currently being tried for war crimes, including genocide, at the International Court of Justice?

At least the American Government has an excuse: there are huge numbers of Jews in America, and politicians there are too afraid to condemn Israel’s policies.

But the UK is supporting America’s support for Israel only because Sunak is Biden’s poodle – just as Blair was always America’s poodle. The British will now be first in the firing line for terrorist attacks because of the Tory Government’s support of a country which has never shown any love for Britain and which is now regarded globally as a terrorist state – run by war criminals and practising genocide.

The result is likely to be that the Middle Eastern conflict will spread. I think this is what Israel wants. It seems clear that Netanyahu and his government want to take control of Gaza and expel all Palestinians. I am now convinced that my first fear (back in October of 2023) that the October 7th attack was a false flag operation, was closer to the truth than anyone wanted to believe.

Britain will suffer far more than America.

Seemingly under pressure from climate change nutters (but in reality as part of a major policy to destroy the nation and impoverish the people) the British Government has pretty well destroyed British farming and it has abandoned the gas and oil supplies in the North Sea.

The result is that Britain, the most overcrowded country except for perhaps Monaco, is almost totally dependent on imports for food and fuel.

And the prices of imports are going to soar. There will be global shortages of oil, gas and food.

The result of Sunak’s latest apparently insane policies is going to be that the recession I have been predicting will arrive very soon. Inflation will soar. Interest rates will start going back up. Poverty will become endemic. The death rate from hunger and cold will rocket – particularly among the elderly and the poor.

The rest of the world will suffer too, of course.

Hundreds of millions will die in Africa as prices soar. But the devastation will be most obvious in Britain which will sink deeper and deeper into a permanent decline.

At what point in 2024 will martial law be introduced?

When will the electricity grid go down?

And how many will die when there is no electricity, no heating, no lighting, no transport and no internet?

Biden and Sunak have pushed us onto a downward slope.

You may like to think it’s all happening by accident.

I no longer believe in coincidences.

Everything that is happening now is happening as part of a plan.

The conspirators’ plan.


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