Behind the News

Dr Vernon Coleman

When you live in a country where everything the government and the mainstream media tells you is a lie, with a sinister reason behind it, then it is sensible and logical to question everything and to assume that whatever is happening has an evil purpose. We all have to think laterally.

1. There are calls for the minimum wage to be £15.00 an hour. In due course this will undoubtedly happen – though not just yet. The inexorable rise of the minimum wage is very good for the poorly paid but there is, of course a reason behind it. Pushing up the minimum wage will take millions out of employment (the service industries will not be able to cope) and increase the number of computer operated tills in shops. The aim is to destroy our world as we know it, set the scene for universal payments and banish independence.

2. The shortage of lorry drivers will force us to become accustomed to having the military on our streets and will help destroy rural areas. It is not widely known that the shortage of drivers with HGV licences is largely due to a lasting strike at the DVLA in Wales. (Just how anyone knows when the DVLA staff are on strike is usually a mystery but this time they’ve done their best to further the aims of Klaus Schwab, Tony Blair and Prince Charles by ensuring a shortage of drivers with heavy goods vehicle licences.)

3. The morons and exhibitionists blocking our motorways probably don’t realise it but they are working for the global elite. (That’s probably the only work these parasites are doing. I doubt if many of them have, or have ever had, jobs or have ever been taxpayers.) It would be easy for the police to stop these virtue signalling nutters from blocking the roads (and to remove them in seconds if they did) but allowing the morons to glue themselves in front of ambulances serves a purpose. It will before long lead to a ban on all protests and demonstrations – and the ban will be welcomed by millions who are fed up with the activities of a few selfish idiots making life ever more miserable. (I do believe that the elite have made a mistake with this one. The green campaigners will alienate the public so much that it will be increasingly difficult to sell the Global Warming hoax.)

4. The constant news stories about women who have been murdered or raped while walking home clearly has a sinister purpose. The statistics show that less women than men are murdered and the figures today are not noticeably different to figures in the past. There is, however, one very sinister reason behind all this scary publicity – and the demonstrations by women in protest. How long will it be before politicians recommend a curfew for women? And maybe women who go out in the daytime would be safer if they all wore those nice face masks that are supposed to keep out the bugs. Clothes that covered up all the fleshy bits will merely be recommended before they’re made compulsory. You can see where this going, can’t you?

5. Why on earth has Cressida Dick been allowed to remain in post? She should surely have resigned years ago. (There is a strong argument that she should have never been appointed.) I suspect the reason she remains is further to damage our trust in the police and to make it easy for the Government to put the military on the streets.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2021

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