Why Shouldn’t These Traitors Be Hung?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

It is now widely accepted, by both sides, that we are at `war’ with the EU. Our Government regards the EU as the enemy. And the EU definitely regards Britain as the enemy.

So the MPs and other public figures who are deliberately damaging our prospects of leaving the EU with speed, dignity and freedom are traitors.

MPs are paid to do what the voters tell them to do.

That is their job.

The voters told MPs to get us out of the EU.

And that is exactly what MPs should all be doing.


MPs who fail to obey the instructions of the people are failing in their duty, and betraying their employers.

Why aren’t the people who support the EU in this battle being tried for treason?

We don’t we hang the lily livered bastards?

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018