Bent Doctors

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Next time you hear a doctor on the TV or the radio telling you to eat more meat or have more vaccinations or take more pills just remember that many of the doctors you see or hear have been bought, indoctrinated and carefully selected by the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry and the medical establishment.

(Those three are pretty well interchangeable for the medical establishment sold out years ago and is now owned by drug companies and the food industry.)

Doctors who follow the party line on Government and establishment approved policies are the ones who are recommended for interviews and documentaries. The doctors who question and express doubts are suppressed and demonised.

The same is true, I am afraid, of the hundreds of doctors whose work appears in newspapers or magazines, or who are quoted as `expertsí.

Sadly, most of them are following the party line; and in that mind that makes them as bent as paperclips.

I know of none who dares to criticise the drug companies or the bad habits of their fellow practitioners. They fear that their careers will be ruined if they do.

So, beware of what you hear and read.

And be as sceptical of modern media doctors as you are of politicians.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

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