Bentley battery

Sir Vernon Coleman

Bentley Continental motor cars are very fine automobiles. They look good, they drive well and they are comfortable. I doubt if there is a more comfortable car in which to sit while sitting in a motorway traffic jam.

But these cars have one huge problem.

They are so hungry for electricity (even when parked) that the batteries constantly need charging.

(For the record, each Bentley Continental motor car has two batteries. If one goes flat then the other one takes over.)

In practice, this means that Bentley owners must re-charge their car batteries every couple of weeks or so. Even going for a long drive won’t always be enough to charge the battery fully.

To make this easier there is a special socket inside the boot. And a special charging device can be fitted into the socket so that the batteries are charged.

I recently looked at a website which explained how often the battery should be charged. The writer of the main item had explained that the recharging device should be plugged into the boot socket and left for some hours.

There were inevitably a number of questions from other car owners.

But one caught my eye.

A Bentley owner had written to ask if it was necessary to plug the other end of the charging lead into anything.

And I knew the answer!

I know more about cars than this guy!

I felt twelve foot tall.

I knew that the other end of the lead would have to be plugged into a mains socket so that some electricity could flow down the wire, through the charger and into the car batteries.

I knew that!

I am so proud that I am not the most ignorant car owner in the world that I wanted to share this discovery.

Brilliant, eh?

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