Betrayal, Betrayal, Betrayal

Vernon Coleman

Logically, the UK should now leave the EU with ‘no deal’ on April 12th.

But I fear we won’t.

A ‘no deal’ makes complete sense.

But I doubt if we will get it.

We have been stitched up from the start.

Theresa May will bring her wretched slave-state deal back and she will threaten MPs with a general election or no Brexit at all.

MPs have proved themselves, almost without exception, to be a self-serving, greedy bunch. They are terrified of an election because most of them will lose their jobs. Several hundred Remainer MPs will have to find jobs in the real world where the sort of disloyal behaviour they have exhibited will quickly mean the sack. I reckon most of them are now unemployable – except by the EU and the big American banks.

And so my big fear is that May’s deal will go through. The EU will be delighted. They have written the worst deal ever prepared. It is a total surrender of our sovereignty, our power and our status. Even the Germans got better deals than this at the end of World War I and World War II.

The result, I fear, will be that millions of Leavers will feel physically and mentally sick.

Many of those who believed that we were going to leave the EU have been made ill by Theresa May and her Remainer cronies.

The Remainers don’t understand this, of course.

They have no passion. They don’t believe in anything.

‘Why are you so upset about it?’ demanded a Remainer the other day. He was incapable of understanding the passion that Brexiteers feel.

May won’t be tried and hung as a traitor (though she should be).

But maybe a few Brexiteers whose lives have been deeply affected by May’s betrayal will sue her for the distress she has caused.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 30th 2019